2575th Post!

This makes my 2575th post! Wow, who would have thought so much learning, teaching, and sharing would come about even after publishing several books. I am so grateful for your presence and the opportunity to share all that we are discovering about our world and us. It is a both a blessing and privilege to be with you still since the summer of 2010. This 2,575th post marks greater than seven years in the making with all that addresses the heart, mind, body, and soul of us in original writings, guest interviews, videos, podcasts, inspirational images and messages of both wisdom and love. While I no longer post daily, I hope you find that meeting and making a connection here is of some help to you in living a happier, healthier, and truly wealthier or more abundant and fulfilling life. Please stop back again for additional postings, news, and updates. Thank you again for visiting, meeting, connecting, and sharing with all of us here. If you have any comments or questions, please be sure to reach out to meet and make a connection!



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