2015A GREATER YOU: Living a Connected Life is a collection of stories and inspirational writings that recognize our vital connections to self, others, and a greater power and presence. Discover a greater you by living a more mindful or connected life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Nurture and maintain the body sacred. Develop a divine mind. Listen from the heart. Meet your higher self or spirit within. Make a connection with others like never before. Form a real and practical relationship with your spiritual support system or divine connections. Come into a deeper sense of personal peace by first recognizing the true nature of your being, connection to everyone and everything, and greater power and presence within.

A greater you is indeed possible, if you but first connect to all that assures you of your true self, the real heart and soul of others, and your divine ancestry. Simply make those all-important connections that lead to living your best life yet!

Thank you for your interest in A GREATER YOU: Living a Connected Life and for wanting it back in print for another edition, as well as the FREE e-Book. I hope you enjoy having an actual print copy to hold in your hands and keep by your chair or bed, but more importantly that it touches your heart and inspires the soul. Again, thanks for your interest and please consider leaving a review either here or on Lulu.com so that others might come to know of “A GREATER YOU: Living a Connected Life.”

A-Greater-YouA Greater You: Living a Connected Life
By Trinda Latherow
Print Copy, 94 Pages, $7.99 Buy the Book
FREE e-Book, Available on Lulu.com
“My Unconditional Gift to You!” ~Trinda


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9 thoughts on “A GREATER YOU

  1. Judi says:

    Hi Trinda, I have been catching up on emails and saw your new book note. I just downloaded it and read the first 70 pages. It is awesome! Great job! I can’t wait to read the rest! Love Ya! Judi

    • Trinda Latherow says:

      Thank you Judi. I am so glad you like it, as your opinion means a great deal. For those who are interested in Feng Shui, please be sure to read my post on Judi’s Journey to Feng Shui. All the best, and thank you again Judi, love ya’ back!

  2. Congratulations, Trinda! That is so cool, so cool in fact, that I ordered me one…in print! I like having a book on my nightstand that I can hold in my hands. I look forward to reading your pearls of wisdom!

    • Trinda Latherow says:

      Wow, Linda, thank you! You are the first to buy A Greater You: Living a Connected Life. Yes, it is one of those books you might read a bit each morn or night to remind yourself of your divine connections. For those who would like to meet and make a connection with Linda, click here.

  3. That’s wonderful! Congratulations, Trinda. You are making such a difference in this world!

    • Trinda Latherow says:

      Thank you Bobbi; so too are you. To meet and make a connection with Bobbi, click here.

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