Trinda Latherow
Author | Artist | Personal Consultant | Spiritual Speaker | Survival Evidence Medium

After the birth of her daughter and soon after death of her mother, Trinda stepped upon a path of mysteries and miracles alike in a quest for the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Asking, “Who are we and where did we come from, but more importantly, why are we here?” Along the way, she met people she never thought to meet – world renowned psychic-mediums, scientists, spiritual leaders, doctors, authors, artists, and insightful people worldwide who each held essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence.

Previously addressing the mind and body as a safety and health professional, Trinda began focusing on the mind, body, and spirit as a writer. After years of exploration and the completion of four volumes to her first book Pieces of the Puzzle, and later A Greater You: Living a Connected Life and Letters from Dad, she was offering classes and workshops, as well as personal consultations. Over time, she developed her own inherent gifts of automatic dictation or psychic writing and drawing, divine messages of wisdom, knowledge, truth, love and joy that help to validate the eternal soul and our divine connections.

Today, Trinda uses her gifts as a survival evidence medium and continues to speak and write of a greater power and presence to which we all belong. Currently, her blog welcomes visitors worldwide and addresses the mind, body, heart, and soul with thousands of free articles, featured guests, videos, podcasts, poetry, recipes, products, resources and much more. Its purpose is simply to help each in their overall quest for greater health, happiness, and true wealth through one’s vital connections to self, others, and a greater power and presence. Trinda lives in the greater Tampa Bay area of Florida with her husband, travels frequently, and welcomes those opportunities in which to serve that will help to bring about greater peace, love, and joy!

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