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Brief Bio:

Trinda Latherow
Artist | Author | Consultant | Spiritual Speaker | Survival Evidence Medium

After the birth of her daughter and death of her mother, Trinda stepped upon a path of mysteries and miracles alike in a quest for the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Asking, “Who are we and where did we come from, but more importantly, why are we here?” Along the way, she met people she never thought to meet, but who each held essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence. She has been writing and speaking of her unique experiences ever since.

Previously addressing the mind and body as a safety and health professional, Trinda began focusing on the mind, body, and spirit as a spiritual writer. After years of exploration and the completion of four volumes to her first book Pieces of the Puzzle, she was offering classes and workshops, as well as personal consultations. Over time, she developed her own inherent gifts of automatic dictation or psychic writing and drawing and now offers divine messages of wisdom, knowledge, truth, love and joy that help to validate the eternal soul and our divine connections. To learn more, please visit her website at Learn More →

Books by Trinda Latherow:

Pieces of the Puzzle | A Greater You: Living a Connected Life | Letters from Dad

  • Letters from Dad (2013): An illustrated book for fathers and all those who want to make a real and lasting connection with children by discovering how one father working far from home was able to touch the heart and mind of his beloved children, even the littlest one who was just two years old.
  • A Greater You: Living a Connected Life (2014): A collection of stories and inspirational writings recognizing our vital connections to self, others, and a greater power and presence.
  • Pieces of the Puzzle (2015): A quest for the truths to our existence. One title, four volumes, and countless stories that tell of both the mysterious and miraculous aspects to our world and us. An epic adventure for the soul. (Volume 1 – Psychic Phenomena, Volume 2 – Our Reality, Volume 3 – The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond, and Volume 4 – Spirituality and Faith)

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Pieces of the Puzzle, Volumes 1, 2,3, 4

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE, Volume 4 - Spirituality and Faith

A Greater You: Living a Connected Life

Letters from Dad


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Trinda Latherow
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