Always Blessings

never-lossesIn Memory of Richard

Her message came on Thanksgiving Day, a day of gratitude or giving thanks.

“I don’t know if you know, but Richard passed away at midnight last night.”

After the loss of their only son some years ago, theirs was a marriage that had thankfully grown even closer. After dementia had begun to take her beloved husband, thankfully, she appreciated every moment he remembered her name, every smile upon his face, and every warm embrace.

“No, but you were on my mind this morning. I pray you find some peace and comfort in knowing that you will one day be reunited again.”

It was difficult to think of that now, of course, but she had a strong foundation in her faith and knew the truth to eternal life. She would be with him again one day, see his smile, and feel his presence, for there was a bond of love formed forever more. It would reunite them in the spirit world and remind them once again that there are never losses, but always blessings.

Richard had been a blessing in their life together, as both a husband and a father. He had been a blessing even in his passing at the first hour of Thanksgiving Day, a day of gratitude or giving thanks. A day not for her to sit in sadness or mourn his loss, but instead to give thanks for their time together and rejoice in an anticipated reunion, not only with each other, but also with their son and spiritual family and friends.

This was a day of both thanksgiving and prayer. This was a day of gratitude for all the blessings in life. A day of gratitude for all that appears before us or many signal favors of a greater power and presence, Almighty God, or One of all. A day of giving thanks for all the people who enter into our life and countless experiences we have with them, for we do indeed “learn and grow the most when once we meet and make a connection.” A day when we remember who we really are – eternal spiritual beings having a human experience. A day when we can rest upon a strong foundation of faith and know that we are in truth eternal spiritual beings. We need only remember this and be glad. Rejoice in knowing that there are never losses, but always blessings.

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