Ask for Help!

While many of us are quite comfortable asking for help these days, especially in hard or difficult economic times, some still seem unable to hit the help key or ask for Help! Perhaps it is a matter of pride or an extreme belief in the law of attraction or instant manifestation of the material, as there are those even within my own circle of spiritually minded friends who seem to think that they need only wait out any recession or pray for great abundance and it will simply appear before them.

If you have read but only some of my writings, then you may know that I truly believe in the possibility, as countless blessings have miraculously appeared before me and unexpected gifts found at my door, but you also know that I believe in being a doer in this world. I believe in being an active participant in receiving our abundance. I believe in the power of two or more connecting and sharing their time, talent, and/or treasure. I believe in you and in me, and in all those in the spirit world who are helping us to live happier, healthier, and truly wealthier lives. I really do. It is not, however, nor has it ever been simply because of blind faith, but rather a personal truth or knowing that has come about from all of my experiences, both subjective and objective.

Yes, all of our real needs are met in a closer connection with a greater power and presence, with our spiritual family of God and the angels, our teachers, guides, and loved ones in spirit, but we also have the kindest and most capable of souls here in this physical world who can help as well. We need only ask for the help of others whenever we need some assistance in securing such material items as food, shelter, medical assistance, and more. Please do not make it a matter of pride or think that we need not lift a finger either, as much is being asked of us in return. We are asked to be both a gracious receiver and, when possible, a generous giver. We are asked to be a doer or active participant in this life. We are asked to meet and make a closer connection with others in real and meaningful ways.

So, pray not for your own abundance, but for the well-being of all. Share your own time, talent, and/or treasure with others. Let go of such human frailties as fear and unnecessary pride. Live in the highest and best of virtues or wisdom, compassion, and love. For when we do, the miraculous or unexpected occurs. We find all of our real needs being met and we find the rest in knowing rather than simply believing a happier, healthier, and truly wealthier life is possible after all, because we have committed not just to walking this earth, but walking it more closely with others.

Surely then, fewer of us will need to ask for help, as we are understandably so much better together than apart. Know too that while some may not be able to help as we might wish they would, there will be others known and unknown who can. Simply be open to the miraculous or unexpected, be it from this world or another. The law of attraction and instant manifestation of the material can still happen, but we must also be a doer or active participant in this life. We must help others, as we would like to be helped. Countless blessings and unexpected gifts found in a closer connection with a greater power and presence, with our spiritual family of God and the angels, our teachers, guides, and loved ones. A more abundant and fulfilling life possible by connecting with others in both real and meaningful ways. Blessings to all now and forever more.

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