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Trinda-Latherow-415x470Hello everyone. My name is Trinda Latherow and I am the author of Letters from Dad, A Greater You: Living a Connected Life, and Pieces of the Puzzle, a nonfiction spiritual growth book that touches on everything from the supernatural to the spiritual. A quest for the truths to our existence. One title, four volumes, and countless stories that tell of both the mysterious and miraculous aspects to our world and us. An epic adventure for the soul.

For more information on the work that I do as an author, artist, intuitive consultant, and inspirational speaker, I would invite you browse my websites and blog. Some of the questions I am often asked are included below, but if you have any other questions or comments, please reach out to meet and make a connection.

Author Interview Questions and Answers:

Q: What are the main points about you and/or your writings that should be emphasized to the public or media? A: Two important key points are: 1) Both my work and writing evolved out of a search for the truth’s to our existence, simply sharing my discoveries along the way. 2) Once I made the mind, body, spirit connection and began to follow a greater power and presence in my life, every aspect of it changed for the better, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

4-VolumesQ: Who do you think will want to read your book(s) and is it meant for any one religious sect or group? A: I believe there is something for a great many in each volume of Pieces of the Puzzle, seekers and sages alike, the curious and open minded, caregivers and healers, as well as all those moving through mid-life analysis, pursuing positive lifestyle changes, nearing death or living with some life limiting illness or disease. The book may be helpful to each, as it is the story of how my search for the truths to our existence led to living my best life yet! By first stepping upon a spiritual or more mindful path, one of mysteries and miracles alike. From exploring self and life and learning from all of my experiences and meetings with others, I moved from skeptic to believer knower of who I am and why I am here. Pieces of the Puzzle is the journey of one, which invites the many to discover more about our world and us. “For we learn and grow the most when once we meet and make a connection.” Pieces of the Puzzle holds those essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence and to living a better life from first recognizing the unseen world around us to eventually learning how to be happier, healthier, and truly wealthier.

Q: Why did you write Pieces of the Puzzle? A: I wanted to know more about who and what I truly am, about life and death, and why we exist. Along the way, I wrote of miracles and my many discoveries. I also believe the writing is meant to comfort and uplift the heart, mind, and souls of others, as well as myself. Remind each of the true nature of their being, their inherent gifts and creativity, their immortality, and their vital connection not only to each other and their spiritual family, but also to a divine source of wisdom and love. I am discovering the truths to self and life along side of everyone else who has ever asked such questions as, “Am I all that I am, Is there more to me than mere flesh and bone, Is this all there is, How can I be happy, Does my life have meaning or purpose, What I can I do to help the planet and all of its inhabitants, as well as, What if anything awaits me at death?” I wrote of my spiritual quest to share all of my discoveries and resultant miracles, those we can all benefit from.

Q: Is it all true? A: Yes, speaking only for myself, of course. All of my experiences have happened as I have written of them. Pieces of the Puzzle is a nonfiction series of experiences, except for a few fictitious names. There are also numerous persons and interviewees within my writings who share their own truths and unique experiences.

Q: What is the premise of Volume 1 – Psychic Phenomena? A: That we are all psychic or naturally intuitive to some degree. That our innate abilities can be recognized and enhanced at any stage of our life. That the supernatural or paranormal is more normal than many believe and that we can truly communicate with the supposed dead, our spiritual family, friends, and loved ones who are very much alive in the spirit world.

Q: What is the premise of Volume 2 – Our Reality? A: That we are the co-creators of our world and us, this life and shared reality. That we can create a better existence here for ourselves and others by first believing in the possibility and then, of course, by demonstrating our inherent gifts and infinite creativity in right and meaningful ways.

Q: What is the premise of Volume 3 – The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond? A: That our existence is not finite. That when this physical existence comes to its divine close, it is only the body that is discarded. The spirit of us or conscious self returns whence it came. To reincarnate, to move closer to the source of life, or to do whatever our soul is drawn to do. That the promises of eternal life are actually true. How splendid is that!

Q: What is the premise of Volume 4 – Spirituality and Faith? A: That at the center of all we think, say, and do is our spirituality maturity and faith. That we are as spiritually mature as we wish to become, as only our conscious self might first believe and perceive of ourselves to be. Can we change for the better? Yes, and I believe we must, as it appears to be our purpose in life. To be as we were truly meant to be or evolving spiritual beings experiencing a human existence.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your writings? A: To help others realize more of their true self, own value and worth, divine ancestry, inherent gifts and infinite creativity, but more importantly, vital connections to self, others, and Spirit or divine force that moves through and around everyone and everything. To help others see the countless possibilities to their existence. To help others overcome any fear of lack, loss, or inadequacy, even death. To help others live a truly happier, healthier, and wealthier or more abundant or fulfilling life. Simply to be of help by living in service to others through my inherent gifts by writing, speaking, and consulting or meeting and making a connection in right and meaningful ways.

Q: Do you think your book’s messages will actually do all that for readers? A: The messages were life transforming for me, but each will find what they are ready, willing, and able to receive. My prayer is that each will come away with at least some sense of wonder, hope, or personal peace.

Q: What authors do you look to for your own inspiration? A: There are a great many insightful souls whose writings have inspired me in some way, those of the ascended masters, teachers, prophets, saints, and sages of our history, those of the not so distant past like Joel S. Goldsmith who wrote The Infinite Way (DeVorss & Co, 2006) and Helen Schucman who penned A Course in Miracles (Viking Penguin, 1996), as well as more recent authors, including but not limited to Dyer, Hay, and Chopra, but the greatest inspiration comes from within, from the source of divine wisdom and unconditional love.

Q: What is your religion or faith base? A: I grew up in a Christian household, father Catholic and mother Baptist. I was baptized at a young age and married a man who was raised Catholic. Over the years, however, I have found a number of truths in various other faiths. Each assures me that the importance lies not so much in identifying with the religion one is desirous of belonging, but instead with those spiritual practices of wisdom and love that it encourages us to live by. I believe love is the highest creed or conviction in which to strive or follow.

Q: Are you at peace with yourself and are you fearful of death? A: Yes, I can most assuredly say that I am more at peace today than ever before in my life and no, I am not at all fearful of what we call death, only curious. Through a growing awareness of self, I know that my life has both meaning and purpose, that our existence is indeed continuous in an afterlife and infinite beyond, and that no one dies alone, as my spiritual family is always near and will guide my return safely home. It is this knowing that brings me such personal peace with both life and death.


Q: Are there any dates, anniversaries, special occasions, or upcoming events? A: I consciously began my spiritual quest in 2003 and began writing Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 1 – Psychic Phenomena (2005), Volume 2 – Our Reality (2007), Volumes 3 – The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond and Volume 4 – Spirituality and Faith (2009), Inspirational Blog (2010), Letters from Dad (2013), A Greater You: Living a Connected Life (2014), and completion of Pieces of the Puzzle, Volumes 1-4 (2nd Editions 2015).

Q: Do you have a personal psychic-medium that you go to? A: No, but I have met countless individuals, many of whom are featured as guests on my blog. My own innate abilities blossomed some years ago and I now practice as a survival evidence medium with automatic speaking, writing, and drawing.

Q: Is there any competition for your book? How are the other books alike? How are they dissimilar? A: There are countless books on the supernatural, our reality, the afterlife, and spirituality and faith. Pieces of the Puzzle is different from all others in that it contains the details of those experiences that were unique for me and those I have met throughout my spiritual adventure. It is my hope that readers will find their own truths to self and life, as they learn of both my own and all those with whom I have met and interviewed. Each volume to Pieces of the Puzzle brings the reader different perspectives and personal truths to our existence.

Q: What was your inspiration for the book? A: The amazing power and presence of a wise and loving Spirit.

Q: Tell us anything about you as a working writer that you think might be interesting or unusual. A: While writing the books, I could at times actually feel a pulsing sensation, an energy, or presence within, feel it in my head, hands, and finger tips, which I believed to be the presence of Spirit. Yet, whenever I was not physically aware of it, the writing flowed just as easily. I know that Spirit is always with us, whether we are consciously aware or not.

Q: What do you hope readers will learn or discover from reading your book? A: That each of us holds essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence. That each of us is an essential piece of the puzzle to our existence. Each has value and worth. Each has both meaning and purpose or is important to the whole or larger community. We need only meet and make a connection with others in right and meaningful ways to discover the same essence in all. Everyone has the potential to be happier, healthier, and truly wealthier. Everyone has the ability to be better than we are and to make this life one of true rewards. We need only be who we are truly meant to be by first making the mind, body, spirit connection. Surely then, we will come to find this life one filled with even greater peace, love, and joy!


Trinda Latherow

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