Be an Adventurer

Inspiration at a Glance

Be an adventurer or active participate in life.

Explore the many wondrous worlds around you.

To be a doer and not just a viewer in life, one must be adventurous, courageous, and curious about our world and us. One must step out of the cave and explore if only something of the surrounding area and variety of life that moves about. Be brave, but safe and look for that which seems new and exciting. Try to take part in those activities that allow you to sense more of who you really are and why you are here in human form. Live the life you were truly meant or one of even greater experiences. Learn all that you can this life. Cherish those moments that fill you with a sense of accomplishment, joy, and peace with self and life. Be an adventure or active participant in life. Explore the many wondrous worlds around you.

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