Before We Meet

Preparations Before We Meet:

How You Can Prepare:

Make sure you’re doing it for a reason. You should never just go and see a psychic-medium or spiritual consultant on a frivolous whim. You should always have something in mind that you’re hoping to get out of the experience. Just be prepared for whatever the experience may bring with it.

Do your research. Peruse my website and read if only some of my books and/or blog articles. They will give you an idea as to what I think, believe, and know of our world and us. Check reviews, testimonials, and past events. Ensure face-to-face contact and know that I offer a money back guarantee.

Leave any preconceptions, stereotypes, and/or cynicism behind. While some skepticism is natural, it is always best if one is simply open to truth when it comes to having a psychic-medium reading. People who have automatically made up their minds can enter a reading with negativity or even hostility and miss much in the process. To get the best possible reading, you need only release any preconceptions, stereotype, and/or cynical thoughts aside.

Be open to the miraculous. It’s okay to prepare questions and have people in mind with whom you’d like to connect or aspects of your life you’d like to know about, but it’s even better to remain open to the miraculous or unexpected. Spirit knows us and our hearts desires. Those who can and wish to come through usually do, but it’s the unexpected that both surprises and delights.

After the Reading:

Trust your instincts. Trust what you feel is right for you from the messages. Remember, there is never going to be a physic or medium who is always a hundred percent accurate, as they must attempt to both receive and interpret what those in spirit wish to communicate. Know too that everyone is psychic to some degree, so you need only trust your own natural instincts and intuition as to what feels right and true for you.

Don’t live by another’s words. Please trust in your own divine connections, inherent gifts, and creativity, as well as your own knowledge and developed skills and abilities. Trust in the wisdom and love that resides within. Trust in your truth. Trust in right thoughts and right words. The opinions of others both here and spirit are just that – theirs.

Remember your freewill. Know that there are areas of psychic work that I leave for others – solving crimes, forecasting the future, and fortune telling or predicting information about a person’s life. After all, God dignifies us with free will, the power to make decisions of our own rather than having God or fate predetermine what we do. What I do focus on is validating the eternal soul and our divine connections – to God and the angels, to our spiritual teachers and guides, friends, family, and loved ones now and forever more.

Space out the time between your next reading. We are meant to live by our own freewill, use our inherent gifts and innate abilities, and find our own truths to self and life. Yet, should you ever feel the need for a therapist, social worker, psychologist, physician, medical expert or the like, ask for professional help. If you feel that speaking to a spiritual counselor or even a loved one, friend, or acquaintance will help you in your life’s journey, please reach out to them as well. Remember, it is in our caring connection with one another that we gain some greater peace and understanding of our world and us. If you or someone you know would like to speak with me, simply reach out to meet and make a closer connection.

How I Prepare:

While preparation beforehand is not necessary for spirit communication, it is always a much richer or fuller experience whenever I have had the time to pray and meditate for your betterment. Visions come and messages are revealed in addition to whatever comes through during our time together. We may only have a half hour or hour session, but I have usually spent much more time and energy in preparation of our meeting, as well as all those in spirit who have gathered near for the opportunity. So, please, if ever you have a change of plans, need to cancel, or reschedule, let me know as soon as possible. Your courtesy and kindness will surely be noted by all who wish to meet and connect.

Blessings to all, as we remember our vital connections – to that of our higher self or wiser and more loving self, to others in real and meaningful ways, and to a greater power and presence or God and the angels, master teachers, spirit guides, friends, family, and loved ones both here and in the spirit world. Until we meet, I pray you know that you are never truly alone in life. You have all those who stand ready to meet and make a closer connection with you whenever you are truly ready, willing, and able, and as always, it is my privilege to be of service however and whenever possible.

Validating the Eternal Soul and Our Divine Connections

Survival Evidence Medium Trinda Latherow

Divine Messages and Spirit Drawings:

“In my own connection with the Divine through automatic dictation or psychic writing and drawing, words and images or divine messages of wisdom, knowledge, truth, love, and joy can come through for the one who is ready, willing, and able to receive. For the one who simply asks, believes, receives, and gives thanks. It is a privilege to serve others in this way with invisible, but surely divine hands leading the way.” ~Trinda Latherow

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