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The Rainbow Bridge is the theme of a work of poetic prose written some time between 1980 and 1992, whose original creator is unknown. The theme is of an other-worldly place to which a pet goes upon its death, eventually to be reunited with its owner. The story tells of a green meadow located “this side of Heaven.” Rainbow Bridge is the name of both the meadow and an adjoining bridge connecting it to Heaven. According to the story, when a pet dies, it goes to the meadow, having been restored to perfect health and free of any injuries. The pet runs and plays all day with the others, there is always fresh food and water, and the sun is always shining. However, it is said that while the pet is at peace and happy, they miss their owner who had to be left behind on Earth. When their owner dies, they come across the Rainbow Bridge. It is at that moment that their pet stops what they are doing and sniffs at the air and looks into the distance where they see their beloved owner. Excited, they run as fast as they can until they are in their owner’s arms, licking their face in joy while their owner looks into the eyes of their pet who was absent on Earth, but never absent in their heart. Then side-by-side, they cross the Rainbow Bridge together into Heaven, never again to be separated. Source: Wikipedia

For the beloved pets or animal companions in our lives. May they know of our gratitude and love. May they know of all the joy they brought into our lives, and may they know how much we honor them not just here, but forever in our hearts and minds.

In Celebration of Our Beloved Animal Companions:

Lady: Lady was our beloved pet as children, a friend and companion to my brother and I. She was a beautiful Collie-German Shepherd mix with the temperment of a saint. She was patient and loving, but also very protective. She had puppies in our home’s basement, which was the first time that I had ever seen life birthing life, and she was the most caring mother not only to her own, but to any baby in her presence. I remember one visit with family when she laid next to the playpen that our baby cousin was sleeping in. With the baby’s head pressed against the side, Lady would occasionally lick her through the netting. She remained by her side and would not let others disturb the baby’s sleep. It was precious to say the least. There are, of course, a great many more fond memories of her and our time together, and she has never been forgotten, that beautiful Lady of ours.

Grey “Ghost” XII: Nicknamed simply Ghost, a pedigree Weimaraner born just a few days after Christmas of 1977. He came to us from a long line of noble sires and dams, of Dutchess’, Barons, and Lady’s. Yet, we will always remember him as we do here, as the fun and lovable pup that touched our lives in all so many ways. Adventurous was he, whether running along the beach and jumping into waves or leading the way through the woods with us trailing behind. He was a leader, a doer, and a lover. The best lap dog one could hold at 80-90 pounds of pure muscle. He would protect us with his own life. Play all night and then wiggle his way into our bed. He could eat a whole roast and a chocolate cake in the blink of an eye; oh, yes, he did. He was my husband’s other best friend and companion for the first years of our married life, the protector of our baby girl into her childhood, and sadly, left us all too soon. He will never be forgotten and is missed greatly still by all who came to know of the lovable pup with the noble title of Grey Ghost XII.

Shep and Patches: Both were of a Labrador-German Shepherd mix. Shep was more of the strong, silent type and Patches, named for her black and white patches, had the disposition of a fun-loving gal. She was silly and playful, but gentle too, and the much needed friend to our young daughter. She and her camera shy brother, Shep, were not with us for very long, but they did make a lasting impression upon us. Shep was the constant companion to my husband and passed away early in his life. Patches blessed another family as we moved from the country back into the city and happily found the family’s children to be her new playmates for the rest of her days. Both are thought of often and missed greatly.

Leelo Lynn Latherow 9/26/2012-9/25/2017: With the biggest spirit in the littlest body, our beloved Leelo came to us with big brother Stitch and blessed us with 15 years of love, joy, and companionship. She was able to travel with us by plane, car, RV, and even boat (although not her favorite mode of transportation) and enjoyed visiting countless parks and campgrounds throughout North America, all while living with the greatest of appetites for life. We pray she continues her soulful journey in the highest and best ways possible.

I have not forgotten our many cats, birds, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, hamsters, and more, but would need a much bigger page for all of them. There have always been pets in our lives, those givers of unconditional love, joy, and companionship, including the stray cat that gave birth to kittens under our daughter’s bed and the one special turkey that would follow my husband around as he worked in the yard. There are so many great memories for all of us to share. If you would like to tell us about a beloved pet or animal companion, simply submit by way of the reply box below with a website link to any photo you may wish to include. You may also post your photo on, Facebook, or any other photo or social media site and simply send the link to that page.

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