Biggest Dreams Come True

What do you do when even your biggest of dreams comes true? Sing and dance, p-a-r-t-y, or maybe go to Disney, LOL! While simply sitting in quiet reflection may not top the list of things to do once your biggest or wildest of dreams come true, it was for me. After the surprise and delight or more accurately shock and joy of it all, I sat silently and wondered how and why my biggest of dreams had come true. What was it that led to my first questioning self and life? What was it that led to countless coincidences and those miraculous moments that hinted of something beyond matter and material alone? What was it that inspired me to search for the truths to our existence and what was it that led me to be who I am today?

There have been many miracles or unexpected events in my life. Those I never thought possible and those beyond even my wildest imagination. Creative I am, but the way in which my life has unfolded, brought me to believe, nay, know of our world and us, and most of all feel – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is something I never consciously expected. I wondered why we were here in human form, yes, but never did I think any understanding would come. Never did I think personal peace was possible, but somehow in the quest for answers, truth came. Knowledge came. Joy came. Love came.

Yes, it was love that touched the heart, mind, body and soul of me. Love that stirred the sleeping spirit within. Love that opened the mind. Love that healed the body. Love that lifted the veil and reminded me of my divinity or divine ancestry, inherent gifts, and infinite creativity. Love that reminded me of my higher self, the part that connects to something greater, a greater power and presence that man knows as God, the Source of all, Creator of all, or One of all. Love that reminded me of my connection to others, friends and strangers alike, as well as Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Love that reminded me I am part of a divine mind in a sacred body with an eternal soul. How splendid is that! Love that reminded me of the importance to life itself, to this life here and now and all others. Love that reminded me to live with purpose, dream the biggest of dreams, imagine the wildest of possibilities, and become who I  am today.

To allow for YOUR biggest of dreams or wildest of possibilities in life,

you need only first allow Love to lead the way.

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