Meet Hoyt Robinette

Hoyt RobinetteRev. Hoyt Z. Robinette
Psychic-Medium and Channel
Specialty: Spirit Drawings
Indiana, USA

Hoyt and I met a number of years ago in the early days of my spiritual journey. At the time, Hoyt was already well-known in spiritual circles throughout the U.S. and was practicing his gifts as a psychic-medium, one of which was to be the channel for spirit to bring forth spirit drawings or the physical manifestations of images on both paper and cloth. He himself does not draw the images, but rather they miraculously appear by the invisible hands of those in the spirit world.

Hoyt’s practice is to relay psychic messages while spirit creates renderings of deceased loved ones, spirit guides, or mystical scenes. It is an amazing process to witness and an experience that I write of in great detail in Pieces of the Puzzle. While some may claim the process magic or trickery, this geniune act of Spirit’s power and presence is validated through my own earnest investigation and unique experiences, as well as the unexpected spirit drawings of my own family members, none of which were ever previously made public.

If you would like to know where Rev. Hoyt Robinette will be visiting next, you may wish to e-mail him directly at Please let him know that I referred you. Know too that he travels frequently and can be out of the country on occasions, so please be patient with e-mailing. Just as an update, I made contact with Hoyt in December 2013, and his e-mail was still valid. Simply be patient if a reply is requested.

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35 Responses to Meet Hoyt Robinette

  1. Trinda Latherow says:

    Dear Arthur (Art) Richardson: First and foremost, thank you for your service and for commenting on Meet and Make a Connection. Secondly, all you need do is e-mail Rev. Hoyt Robinette directly for more information. We do not have access to his calendar. All the best, Trinda Latherow cc: Hoyt Robinette

  2. Arthur Richardson says:

    When will Rev. Hoyt be in Connecticut and how does one get tickets. I am a Vietnam vet. Working without vet. His information just might help. Thanks, Art

  3. Trinda Latherow says:

    Hi Janette: Thanks for meeting and making a connection. You may try e-mailing Hoyt directly at All the best, Trinda

  4. janette says:

    I have heard about Hoyt Robinette and wish to see/meet him. Do you know how I could find out about his schedule? I am in Dayton Ohio and also a Medium/Spirit artist. []

  5. Trinda Latherow says:

    Dear Kim: Thank you for commenting and sharing how your sister’s spirit is indeed alive and well. I will let everyone know if I hear of Hoyt’s schedule. In light and love, Trinda

  6. Kim says:

    Like Steve, I too had a silk reading and love the fact that my sister came on it. The cool part is right above her head was a cross glowing, showing me that she is in heaven with God. This gave comfort to me, so I know she is okay and loved. I would like to connect with Hoyt again, but it seems very difficult to get his schedule and communication back is null. Maybe he can channel one to all that want to see him. Blessings.

  7. Trinda Latherow says:

    Dear Steve: What a wonderful validation of the continuance of life with the image of your friend coming through on a silk from Spirit and Hoyt Robinette. I had family members appear on both silk and cards, members who never had any pictures made public of them, obits or otherwise, so the validation was even more so. Thank you for commenting, much appreciated. I hope you will visit with us again on Meet and Make a Connection. All the best, Trinda

  8. Steve Filkins says:

    I had a reading with Hoyt back in 1995 and got both spirit cards and a silk painting which was impressive to me. I never did scan them into computer, but suppose I could do that to demonstrate what it was I received. One clear picture on the silk was a friend of mine who had recently passed from AIDS. It was a comfort to have received such demonstrable and convincing proof.

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