National Teachers Day

National Teachers Day
8 May

I would like to urge that we observe this day by taking time to recognize and acknowledge the impact of teachers on our lives. A great many teachers deserve our thanks not only today, but every day of the year. For they not only teach our children the three Rs or reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also encourage them to explore our world and us through science, technology, philosophy, music, sports, and the arts, as well as those countless life lessons along the way. We ask much of teachers today and if you were ever to ask, most would only wish to receive a simple but sincere, Thank you.

For they teach not for money or for fame, but to fan the flame of curiosity within the hearts and minds of our young people. This I know for certain, for you see while I am not a teacher of school age children myself, my husband has been for over three decades. As an observer of all that teaching entails, I can tell you what an earnest thank you can do for a teacher. It can be that much needed encouragement in difficult times. It can be the difference between going in early and calling in sick. It can be the reason to keep trying instead of wanting to give up. It can be the assurance that all of their efforts are not in vain. Thank a teacher today or whenever you get the chance to personally say, “We appreciate you for all that you do for the betterment of our children. Thank you.”

“Teachers…We Just Want to Say Thanks! Watch this video to see NEAs Teacher Thank-You Project, a first-ever effort to publicly thank teachers for their commitment and dedication to students.” [read more]

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