Connecting with the Media

DJs, journalists, reporters, and the like are each looking for the next big hit, story, or thing that will put them at the top of ratings, true, but I also believe that they do what they do for the betterment of others. They are searching for those missing pieces of the puzzle to our existence that uplift, educate, or heal others. They are in fact seekers of the truths to living, dying, and all that occurs in between. They are like the spiritual seeker in many ways, only under the disguise of announcer, investigator, anchor, and the like.

By connecting with the media, we find not only our own goals or purposes fulfilled, but those of others as well. By offering some information of value our products or services reach the masses or those who may either desire or be in need of them. Yet with such high expectations of our day, we must first ask ourselves a few very important questions. Does our product or service fill some current need or desire? Will it be beneficial to others? What makes it different or unique? Before connecting with the media, I asked myself those same questions, and more.

In the beginning of my quest, I did a great deal of research, interviewed nearly a hundred or more individuals, meeting experts and gifted laypeople from around the world. It was all very exciting and ego felt as if it were the chosen one with so many supernatural and unexpected happenings occurring, with so many miracles manifesting. I wanted to tell the world of all my experiences, share them with every other living being. “They should know what I now know,” I thought, and then I realized that others were experiencing these things too. Others were recognizing an unseen world and awakening to their own truths. Then hope set in. If others were experiencing these things, then surely humanity is evolving, surely man is realizing the true nature of his being and his vital connections, if only just a little. For man is still fighting man, and peace is not yet at hand.

Years into the journey or rather spiritual adventure of a lifetime, I now find the importance lies not so much in shouting my discoveries to the world or even connecting with the media (not what a publicist wants to hear), as it does holding fast and tight to new found truths and to all of my vital connections – to self, to others, and to a greater power and presence. Even if no one were ever to ask me why I wrote four books, continue to reach out to others, or walk a spiritual path, I feel blessed to have had cause to write, to share, and to grow. For it was divine inspiration that led me to learn more about who I am, where I came from, and why I am here. This is what each of us is here to do, to find our way out of darkness and into the light of truths. It is the accumulation of truths that brings me such peace with living, dying, and all that occurs in between.

If you find the desire or need to know more about the adventure of a lifetime, I invite you to meet and make a connection. If you find the desire or need to be more at peace than ever before, I invite you to begin or continue your own journey toward greater enlightenment. If you find the desire or need for the next big hit, story, or thing, I invite you to ask for Pieces of the Puzzle, a nonfiction spiritual growth series. For with every product or service that uplifts, educates, or heals, humanity evolves, if only just a little more.


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