Dear Sages, Sisters, and Friends

Dear sages, sisters, and both new and old friends or those with us both here and in spirit, as well as countless others yet unknown.

While International Friendship Day is celebrated in the summer of each year, I have come to celebrate it again here today. For you see I have, as a friend so joyfully states, “…all my sisters here with me.” I have friends here with me today and that alone is cause for celebration!

As you all know, I had a calling to connect us, to have, as I so joyfully state, “Meet and Make a Connection,” for its only when we do that I believe we come to live our best life yet or one that is happier, healthier, and truly wealthier. But you know that already, else you would not be here, gathered together in light or wisdom and love. To quote another yet, “And whenever there are two or more, there is love.”

If I might ask, “Have you ever had a family member, friend, or acquaintance who just seemed to rub you the wrong way, but for some reason or another you kept trying to make a closer connection?” Have you ever had someone who always seemed to challenge you, but for some reason or another you kept trying to connect more aright or in right and meaningful ways?” Maybe, just maybe, you were meant to meet and make a connection, to connect aright, or to make an even closer connection. Maybe you were meant to be an example of light or wisdom and love.

So today, this day of celebration, friendship, and remembrance of all those we know and love, both new and old friends, here and in spirit, let us take this gifted time together, this seasonal present, to meet and connect once again, celebrate our Friendship Day, and the upcoming holidays like never before, like only sages or wise and loving sisters and friends can. Let us celebrate our coming together in even greater light or wisdom and love.

Happy holidays to all my sages, sisters, and friends both new and old. Thank you for making the connection with all of us here at (p/k/a Meet and Make a Connection).

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