Dearest Son

Dearest Son:

As a woman of many words, it is often expected that I am always capable of eloquence and profound statements worthy of perhaps even quoting, but here and now as I attempt to pen my sincerest feelings about you, your Dad and I, I find I am at a bit of a loss for just the right words, especially those of wisdom, truth and love that I wish to express.

Yes, loss is but only half of all that I am feeling at this very moment. The other is gain, as I have gained so much from your entry into our lives. Now upon your exist, even if only temporary, I pray for your understanding, forgiveness, and love. A greater understanding not only of each of us as individuals, but also as a family unit or all those who have committed themselves to one another’s well-being – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Forgiveness of those trespasses, even unintentional that they were, for not always being at my highest and best or for not always speaking and acting aright, especially for your betterment. For failing at times to shine a light upon all the greatness within you, for there is much that impresses, much to admire, and much to be thankful for. Most of all, please know that your father and I truly love you. Not for simply being our son, but first and foremost for being you, a bright and caring man who has given of himself so unconditionally.

I think I can speak for both Dad and I when I say that we have felt so very blessed by your presence, by your desire to make ours an even stronger and more loving relationship, and by striving to be a vital member of an even larger family. One that is sure to remain closely connected through times of both trial and triumph, creating those bonds of love that will last forever more.

We love you, yes, but we also like you. Even with all the teasing and moments low or sad, we value and appreciate you. We feel so very blessed by you. As though we have gained so very much from our being together that is hard to see anything else. We might only hope that you too feel blessed or that you have gained if only a little from us as well. That you know of us as your “forever family.” That you know of our commitment and unconditional love. That you know how important you are not only to us, but also everyone with whom you will meet in life.

Dearest son, until next we embrace, know that you will be missed and in our prayers. Our house will be a home once again whenever we all shall reunite and come together in both love and joy! Many blessings to you along the way towards even greater success, health, and happiness in all your endeavors. Blessings, dearest son, always blessings! Much love to you as we keep you ever close in our hearts and prayers.

Mom and Dad

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