Earth Day, Good Friday, Jelly Bean Day & More!

In Memory of Jerry

The month of April brings us a number of holidays: UN International Mother Earth Day, Good Friday, National Jelly Bean Day (was President Ronald Reagan responsible for that), and even Girl Scout Leader Day.

This morning, I woke to the chirping of birds, greeted our two Pomeranian dogs, and had my coffee out on the porch. What a beautiful day. It doesn’t get any better than this I thought. The jasmine vines are in bloom, weather perfect, and sky clear. Lovely, just lovely, and then I let out a sigh. How can I help Mother Earth in some meaningful way when I am but one person? How can I do something truly good this Good Friday and have a little fun doing it.

After your morning coffee, try as a Scout might to step a little lighter upon the earth and do something that makes our world just a little better. Our collective efforts will make a real difference. Here are just a few suggestions for the month of April: walk, bike, or share a ride to work or school; make some hot cross buns for your neighbor or prepare a meal for someone in need; use a little less water, eat a little less red meat, turn off unnecessary power; extend a thank you to a Scout leader or teacher; simply live a bit more mindfully.

After you pop a few jelly beans, think of ways in which you can best celebrate the glory of the day, ways in which to be in service of Mother Earth and those you share this world with. For it is in our meeting and making a more meaningful connection that we all benefit. Even if all you do is share a few jelly beans with someone, the joy you receive will carry you throughout your days or throughout Earth Day, Good Friday, Jelly Bean Day & More!

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