Endless Love

Whenever I think back on my life, I realize that my greatest loss, my greatest comfort, and my greatest wonder can all be found in but one truth – endless love! The eternal bonds of love formed with family and friends, vital connections made along the way, and truly miraculous experiences among us all that hint of who we really are and why we are here, if not something of whence we came. It is all this and more that reminds me of an endless love and the countless blessings gifted each.

Whenever you think back on your own life, remember the power and presence of love, an endless love and the countless blessings gifted each. An endless love that breathes life into form, guides, supports, comforts, and inspires us along the way, and then in divine time warmly embraces us in our return home. Countless blessings that comfort, heal, and uplift us in every possible way, physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually. Blessings that give cause for wonder of our world and us.

Yes, it is an endless love that reminds me of my greatest loss – absent life or loved ones gone but not forgotten, my greatest comfort  – the truth to our being or knowing we are of a divine mind in a sacred body with an eternal soul, and my greatest wonder – a greater power and presence. It is this endless love that reminds me of the gift of life breathed into each, guides, supports, comforts, and inspires, and blesses each with all that we need physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually. May you always remember your greatest loss, greatest comfort, and greatest wonder.

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