Heaven Above

We’re so proud of you.

Simply continue to live more in wisdom and love, and

until we meet again, know that you are in our hearts and minds,

as we continue to guide, comfort, and love you from Heaven above.

~The Angels

Heaven above is not in a hurry for you or I to return, but I believe that whenever we do, there is sure to be a reunion like never before. Why, you might be wondering will there be such a celebration with our friends and loved ones as none on Earth will be simply because we were brave. Brave because we were willing to experience life in human form. No matter how long a life we lived or even how many, we will have gained so much from our time here. We will have had so many challenges and learned so many lessons that our spiritual family of God and the angels, our teachers and guides, our friends, and our family are sure to remind us of how truly courageous we were. For the willingness to have come here and for trying so hard to continue on even in the hardest of times. While a divine plan may have been in place, it was another to actually live it, never mind live it aright or more in wisdom and love. For all who do, know simply that you are smiled upon with great delight from Heaven above.

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