The Hesitant Sitter

I just don’t want to hear anything bad or if someone is going to die.

Hesitant to hear those divine messages of wisdom, knowledge, truth, love, and joy, she paused in reconsideration of a psychic reading.

Well, first of all, let me just say that there is never anything ‘bad’ that comes through. Everything is always for our greater comfort or peace, love, and joy, as well as validating our eternal bonds of love. And second, no one but God and the angels know when another is actually going to pass and no reputable medium would ever state otherwise.

Her initial inquiry had been a spontaneous one, one made late in the evening when emotions flooded her mind, body, heart, and soul.

It’s okay, call whenever you are truly ready, willing, and able to receive. I promise you anything that comes through will be to simply validate the eternal soul and your divine connections – to God and the angels, your spirit guides, teachers, healers, friends, family, and loved ones, maybe even a pet or two.

I pray she comes to one day know that the heart really does go on and in truth, nothing else is ever really needed than to simply know that we are eternal spiritual beings. That we are never truly alone. Our loved ones know of us still and we can of them as well whenever we ask to reconnect through both prayer and meditation. You don’t even need a medium to do that, but it is always a miraculous experience whenever two or more are gathered in love. When we too come from both wisdom, knowledge, truth, love, and joy, divine messages are sure to comfort and heal the mind, body, heart, and soul.

It is an honor and privilege to serve others as a survival evidence medium. Whenever you are desirous of reconnecting with your loved ones, simply contact me to schedule an appointment. You need only be ready, willing, and able to receive those divine messages of wisdom, knowledge, truth, love, and joy! ~Trinda Latherow

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“You’re a teacher, a healer, and a way-shower, a message from the angels.
Thank you for sharing your amazing spiritual gifts.” ~Trudy Griswold, Spiritual Life Coach,
Teacher, Intuitive, and Best-Selling Author of Angelspeake

“In getting to know Trinda, you will come to realize that she is not only a woman of faith,
but a true role model for those who are open to truth.” ~Edie Darling, Minister and Radio Host

“I felt so uplifted, reminded, and healed by you today. Your energy is so beautiful and loving.
I appreciated all you did for me and thank you for coming to my home.” ~Bobbi Rise, Life and Career Coach

“Thank you for your wisdom, insight, and friendship.” “I just want you to know how on point you were…
I’m telling you this to give you confidence (and validation) in your FLIPPIN AMAZING reading!!!”
~Patricia S. McGivern, Certified Hypnotist, Speaker, and Author

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