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Suzin H. Carr is the author of I Choose, I Choose Too!, and Yo Elijo, the wife of James, and the mother of Chandler. Suzin and her son Chandler have combined their inherent gifts and creativity in their first book, I Choose, to remind children and adults alike of one simple but vital gift – freewill!

I-Choose by Suzin Carr, Illustrated by Chandler CarrIn I Choose, readers learn of those personal choices that help to shape our daily experiences. Even in the smallest of ways, what we choose to think, say, and do has an impact upon not only others, but also us. How we create a better reality for ourselves comes from how we choose to connect and interact with all that surrounds us or through right thoughts, wiser words, and kinder acts.

When we learn to choose well or to live aright, we find we are more at peace with ourselves. We know that we have done all that we could and so there are no later regrets or would haves and should haves. Whenever we choose poorly, we typically live in sadness or grief. To live more in happiness or peace, we need only use our freewill to make better choices through right thoughts, words, and actions. Use our inherent gifts and creativity for the betterment of others, as well as ourselves. Do as the Carr’s book suggests, “Draw yourself as you choose,” but choose well to live more in happiness and peace.

Interview of Suzin Carr: (select audio clips below)

For more on the I Choose books or the Carr family, you may visit their website at Illuminated Publishing, LLC.

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Originally Posted 2012; Reposted 2 Oct 2015


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  1. Suzin says:

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  2. Fred Zoun says:

    Obviously we did not ask the question Why do you do what you do, as we are too familiar with the answer. Anyway, always good to see a summary and, despite the awareness, it is amazing to see how much you are putting into it. Ineke and Fred Zoun, Netherlands

  3. Anonymous says:

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