Imaginary Meditation

Imaginary meditation is a practice of staring into an image and allowing your mind to create from a series of questions. For example, with this painted tile from an old New Orleans’s roof, one might imagine a mysterious figure appearing from the dark and walking down the steps into the lamp’s light. You may begin to question as to who this is. Do you know the person? Where were they and why has he or she appeared to you? Is this a planned or chance meeting? Does this person have a message for you and if so, what is it?

From just one image much can come, perhaps even more questions. Why did you see what you did? Is there a deeper meaning? You need only use imaginary meditation for personal development and spiritual growth to fully, appreciate gazing into an image of choice. Similar to that of scrying or gazing into a bowl of water, crystal ball, distant mirror or light, the object is merely a tool to access the subconscious mind. What you will see or learn is as of yet unknown, but know first that imaginary meditation is simply another way of looking within yourself for any answers you may seek.

If you find a person standing at the bottom of the stairs and you are able to have a conversation, you may wish to ask your most pressing questions, listen for the answers, and then plan to meet and make a connection again at another set time. This is similar to how I meditate with eyes closed. I sit in silence, ask my question, and wait for an answer. While at times an answer may come quickly, there have been an equal number of times when I heard nothing at all. Still I know that on some level of my being there is knowledge, there is truth, or the answers to my questions.

Answers come to each in their own time and way, but through the fine art of meditation, however practiced, we are able to learn more about who we are, why we are here, and what we wish to learn about self and life. Meditate how you feel most comfortable, whether it is staring into a picture, crystal ball, bowl of water, distant mirror or light, or with closed eyes. For it matters not what method or divine tool you use, just that you seek knowledge, truth, or the answers to your most pressing questions from within yourself.

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