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Interviewees to Pieces of the Puzzle by Trinda LatherowThere are those we meet along the way in life who freely guide, support, inspire, or comfort us. It gives me great pleasure to spotlight those who did all that and more by graciously allowing me to interview them for all four volumes to my book, Pieces of the Puzzle. Over a hundred individuals in total from renowned psychic-mediums like James Van Praagh and others to doctors, scientists, spiritual leaders, authors, artists, experts and insightful laypeople worldwide who each hold essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence.

Many of those interviewed share their unique experiences not only within the pages of my books, but also within my blog. Stories that speak of the miraculous or unexpected in our world and us, manifestations and events attributed to the human spirit and a greater power and presence or some force beyond scientific understanding or laws of nature. Experiences that assure us of a continuing consciousness after physical death with glimpses of an afterlife and infinite beyond or validations to the promises of life eternal. Above all that our spirituality or spiritual maturity is both discovered and defined in our vital connection to each other and the divine essence that links us. Stories of faith, which enable each us to know more of who we really are and why we are here in human form, if not even something of whence we came.

It all begins with an open mind, but soon evolves into recognizing the once unseen world around us. Sharing those experiences along the way that assure us we are so much more than flesh and bone, more that matter and material alone. As my quest for the truths to our existence continues, I come to find that we are in truth that of a divine mind in a sacred body with an eternal soul. How splendid is that! Learn what Spirit has so patiently and perfectly allowed me to discover about self and life, birth and death, and all that occurs before and after in my four-volume book Pieces of the Puzzle! Available in both print and digital formats. Learn More

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE by Trinda LatherowPieces of the Puzzle
One title, four volumes, and countless stories that tell of both the mysterious and miraculous aspects to our world and us. An epic adventure for the soul.

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