Life Anew

“Let go of the old and begin your life anew.”

Her message came the morning after. After all the pain, after all our heartfelt good-byes, and after all that assured me she would be well again.

The house was quieter than ever before. With no one to wake him, her brother was still asleep well past their usual hour to move about. Our morning routine would change, this I knew, but for now there would be time for prayer as usual and a few extra moments of silence to hopefully feel or sense something more.

Flashes of a cage, a golden bird cage came to mind. The door wide open and then nothing more. No bird, no message, no thoughts at all except for the cage with it’s door wide open. “What then,” I asked. “What happens now?” Lost in grief, I heard no reply and no greater understanding of the visions that morn.

It wasn’t until a spiritual service some weeks later that her message would be known. In a Gathering of Light, the speaker ended her service by offering messages of both light (wisdom) and love to all who were ready, willing, and able to receive. “May I come to you?,” looking my way. “Yes, please.” With an upward gaze, she said, “I see wings, beautiful white wings. It’s a white bird in flight.” I knew then what it meant, but she followed it with a message. “You have been set free. Let go of the old and being your life anew.” With my tearful nod, she smiled back only to add, “You did good, know that and be glad.” Yet, she did not know of all the pain, all the heart-attacks, and all the cries within sleepless nights. She did not know of all our heartfelt good-byes, all those whispered and shouted aloud. She did not know of all that had assured me she would be well again.

Now in peaceful reflection of our time together, especially the last few months of her life, I sit in gratitude for all the blessings. Blessings of a life shared no matter for how long. Blessings of comfort and peace in the most loving of embraces. Yes, blessings, countless blessings in all the moments we had together and with others. I need only remember the blessings of her presence, both then and now. Yes, blessings, always blessings and never losses. Then and only then, when I remember our blessings are forever more, I can let go of the old or old way of living in heartache and pain and begin life anew. Anew in the memory of our many blessings together. Blessings that last forever more, when we remember we are eternal spiritual beings having countless blessings.

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