Life Purpose Workshop

Discovering Your Life Purpose & Inherent Gifts: At Any Age!

school-girlDiscovering Your Life’s Purpose & Inherent Gifts: At Any Age! A live workshop with Instructor Trinda Latherow, Author, Artist, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker and Survival Evidence Medium.

Discovering your life’s purpose and becoming who you are truly, meant to be has never been easier than it is today. Yes, really, and while many around you may claim just the opposite, especially those who have surrendered to some lack or loss, or worse yet, a position in which one is fearful of losing, you may come to find your life’s purpose and inherent gifts from within this brief but vital workshop. You may find those reminders or memories that speak of the truth within you. You may find those examples, tools, and practices that allow you to rise into a position of knowing rather than merely wondering who you are and why you are here. Your life purpose and inherent gifts have never been easier to recognize than now. You need only be willing to discover the greatness within.

Featuring original course material and the ability to personally connect with the instructor, “Discovering Your Life Purpose & Inherent Gifts: At Any Age!” will allow you to focus on your personal goals and desires in an environment that is aimed at helping you to discover your innate abilities and greatest gifts. As an added bonus, the instructor demonstrates her own intuitive gifts of automatic dictation, however, attendance does not guarantee a personal reading or messages. This workshop is designed for YOU to discover your own life’s purpose and inherent gifts or innate abilities.

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Location: Hosted in Homes and Places of Businesses
Date: Inquire for Available Dates
Time: Reserve Approximately 1-2 Hours
Cost: Contingent Upon Times, Locations, and Related Courtesies (Book Sales, e.g., Travel Expenses, Audience Size, Materials)
Host Free with Six (6) or more Attendees: $30.00/per person, includes all materials.

Trinda-Latherow-415x470Contact the Instructor:

Trinda Latherow
Author | Artist | Consultant | Speaker | Survival Evidence Medium

After the birth of her daughter and soon after death of her mother, Trinda stepped upon a path of mysteries and miracles alike in a quest for the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Asking, “Who are we, where did we come from, and why are we here?” Along the way, she met world renowned psychics, scientists, spiritual leaders, doctors, authors, artists, and gifted laypeople who each held essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence. She has been writing and speaking of her experiences ever since. Previously addressing the mind and body as a safety and health professional, Trinda is now focusing on the mind, body, heart and soul as an author, artist, consultant, inspirational speaker and survival evidence medium.