Living in Unconditional Love

I have been the privileged friend and caregiver to our two Pomeranian dogs for greater than 14 years now. While ours is a conditional love in this physical world, they are for me two of the best examples of unconditional love or a love that is more than just of the physical, mental or emotional alone. It is also a spiritual love that has most likely developed over several lifetimes and countless experiences together. Bonds of love that I pray will continue forever more.

How many people can you think of that offer unconditional love? Give and receive unconditional love or love without the expectation of something in return? How many people can you think of that live in a state of unconditional love like our pets? Even when treated badly, they simply wait for unconditional love. When treated well, they simply respond in kind to unconditional love. Wow, now that’s really living in unconditional love.

At times, there are moments within the mundane or instances in our life when opportunities to live in unconditional love are presented and we fail to respond as even our beloved pets would. When we fail to simply wait to receive unconditional love or respond in kind without the expectation of something in return, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. I wonder why. Why do we not continually live in a state of unconditional love? Is loving another that difficult? Occasionally it may seem completely impossible, but it is in those very same moments when we have an opportunity to either receive or give unconditional love that the unexpected or miraculous occurs. For what is the miraculous but that which is unexpected in our world and us.

There have been many moments in my life when I have missed those opportunities to either receive or give unconditional love. Those with pets when I did not see them as beloved members of our family. Those with family members when I simply dismissed or gave up on them. Those with friends when I simply grew tired of trying. When all I could see was my own needs and desires. When being more mindful of others was less than I could have been.

Yet, what happens when we begin to live in unconditional love? What miracles large and small are sure to appear, if we but first strive to live more aright or more in wisdom and love? Surely, we would see our vital connections to everyone and everything around us. For whenever we wait for unconditional love and respond to unconditional love in kind or when we give and receive unconditional love, we come to experience the unexpected.

We see those demonstrations of unconditional love in our world and us. We remember that we came from unconditional love and are forever connected to unconditional love. We recognize it as part of our being and soul purpose in life. We begin to live more in ease and peace knowing the same needs and desires in others as in us. We come to know all the facets of unconditional love – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We even become examples of unconditional love or individual expressions of an even greater love or greater divine love from whence we came. We come to have here in human form, if only something of what we have in spirit form or that of an even greater unconditional love that is all-powerful, all-knowing, and always present.

So let this day and every day thereafter be the day when you simply wait for unconditional love, respond to unconditional love, and strive to live more aright or more in wisdom and unconditional love. Give and receive love without the expectation of something in return. I promise you there will be moments when the unexpected or miraculous will occur. There will be moments when another will give back even more than what they received. There will be moments when each remembers more of who they really are and why they are here in human form. Moments when each becomes those individual expressions of an even greater divine love and then my friend what a wonderful world it will be. Let’s simply start today with but a smile or a hug and then move on from there living in unconditional love.

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