The Longing Soul

His cries were endless, but off into the distant. I had much to discover, for there was a whole new world awaiting me. More cries echoing from the one called brother. How could I go on exploring with such noise all about me? How could I do what I wanted to do with him needing me so?

More calls to anyone who could hear, come to his side, and comfort the longing soul. I had to go back, return to the one in need, and reassure him of my love still.

Once we embraced, two hearts were as one again. Two souls were at peace and rested in knowing that love is all that truly matters. Whatever the distance between us, love is the eternal bond that comforts, ceases any cries, and heals.

We need only remember to let love lead the way throughout our journeys. Let love guide us both to and fro. Let love be the discovery of a lifetime. Let love be that which comforts and heals the longing soul.

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