Love is Forever

A Message from Trudy Griswold: Love is Forever!
In Memory of (Jackie)
Jacquelyn Frances Baber Anderson
1950 – 2016

Jacquelyn (Jackie) Anderson

The very first memory in my life occurred when I was just 4 years old. It came from peering into a white wicker bassinette that rested in the living room of our Victorian home in Iowa. As I stood on my tiptoes to look inside there lay a tiny little baby with bright red hair. Her name was Jackie and I instantly fell in love with her. I felt as though she was my baby and that we were going to love each other forever.

Trudy & Jackie

As you can see from the picture, I watched over and protected Jackie throughout our childhood, but soon came to discover, Jackie was a fighter in her own right. When her severe hearing loss was diagnosed, she had to carry a gigantic hearing box to school in order to hear her teachers. Children would laugh and tease her, but she never let it upset her. Not only was Jackie a fighter, but also a lover in life. She had the kindest heart and loved so deeply that I would sometimes catch her crying her eyes out days later over a sad ending to a book.

Yet, Jackie’s most joyful trait was her wonderful sense of humor. Often times, our sister Barbara, Jackie, and I would walk into a room and experience the same thing happening, but Jackie always saw something funny happening. She simply saw life a little differently than the rest of us. Her vision of our world and us was one of peace, love, and joy! People treasured their time with Jackie, because she valued her time with them as well. She loved to speak with others, listen to others, and share stories with others. In the small Iowa town that she lived in, Jackie had over 500 friends on Facebook alone.

Towards the end of her life, Jackie’s 3 daughters, Regan, Raena, and Rhyan decided to throw a birthday party for their Mom and put the word about town that there would be a party for Jackie. Nearly a hundred people showed up and she was absolutely thrilled.

Finally, Jackie loved her angels as much as Barbara and I have loved them over the years. Jackie was our amazing support sister from the time Angelspeake was conceived. She would travel with us, call with ideas, and always said yes when we needed help with a project.

Top: Barbara, Left-Right: Trudy & Jackie

She’s now in Heaven with our sister Barbara and still helping with Angelspeake messages, but from that side of life. Yes, I truly miss my baby sister, my Jackie, and wish I could hug her or call her and hear another funny story that would make me laugh as only Jackie could. However, I know she is in even greater peace, love, and joy with my entire family and I feel ever so blessed that in this lifetime, I was lucky enough to have Jackie as my sweet sister.

My only message to each is simply to remember to hug your loved ones often, tell them you love them, and remember that while our life here is very short indeed, the bonds of love we form here are truly eternal.

My love to you and yours now and forever more.


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Reprinted with Permission from Trudy Griswold
October 3, 2016