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Our imagination allows us to dream and create. Allows us to form mental images of that which is beyond our current reality or known senses. Allows us to confront and analyze certain situations or problems. Allows us to idealize or envision any number of scenarios. For it is from our imagination that we allow our spirit to be all that it wishes or longs to be, all that it is meant to be.

It was through Melissa Leath’s imagination as a little girl that visions and voices would seemingly come, as no other explanation would be known–until a number of years later. It wasn’t until she was in her thirties that she would learn how her imagination was so much more than simply the mind at play.

Throughout her childhood, Melissa played with imaginary friends and created a world where anything was possible. In my interview of Melissa, she recalled how she and a childhood playmate would often sit and talk in a particular pear tree, one with the best of limbs on which to climb. At the end of one of its branches formed a gnarly shape that looked like a foot and a peering knot that always seemed to be looking back at them, and so the tree was forever more addressed as Mr. Foot-Eye.

Reflecting back upon those early years of imagination and play, Melissa shared with me that she really never thought it to be anything more until later on in life. It was during a psychic development class actually that her imagination would become more intuitive. While guided in a meditation, visions of children carrying a pail and a milk cow came to mind. What a silly thing to think about she thought until the class began discussing their visions. When Melissa was asked to share her thoughts, she shrugged them off as pure imagination until the instructor said that it was something more, that it was about his childhood. He and his sister had the chore of tending to the cows when young. With her having since passed, he believed it a validation from the spirit world that his sister was near him still. What a blessing it was to receive such a confirmation, not only of eternal life, but of her own innate abilities.

Melissa embarked upon a spiritual journey that would lead her to one day even teach others to do the same thing. Being an authentic spiritual medium and intuitive, Melissa Leath is dedicated to sharing her gifts and knowledge with others. She accomplishes this through counseling clients and teaching lecture/workshop attendees. Her mission now is to touch as many people as possible through her books, sessions, and programs.

Melissa Leath is the author of Psychic Integrity: The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics (Balboa Press, 2011) and a certified medium, life visionary, and spiritual counselor/minister who loves teaching metaphysics, spirit communication, and psychic development. She has been working with clients and students for over three decades and assists them with learning spiritual concepts and how to recognize their higher purpose in life.

Melissa Leath has spent a lifetime following a spiritual path. She was certified as a spiritual medium in the state of Ohio in 1983, and is a founding board member for The Circle of Light Church, in Springfield, Ohio. She was later ordained there in 1997 and is licensed in the state as a minister.

She is a regular columnist for Dreamweaver Magazine and a personal growth and meditation expert for Published written articles have appeared in: The Edge Magazine, Pattern Pieces Magazine, Passages Magazine, Threads Magazine,, and numerous articles in her own spirituality e-newsletter.

Being a published author, Melissa has written The Go-Between: Bridging the Gap (the forerunner of Psychic Integrity), Meditation, Plain and Simple, a workbook that may assist you on your own journey, and co-authored with her husband Charles, Outrageous Living. Charles is a certified, 5th generation reflexologist, energy worker and indigenous spiritual healer. Melissa and Charles have been together for over forty years and love walking a spiritual path together. Both of them healing and teaching others how they can begin to live their best life yet.

Melissa is also an energy healer and teaching Reiki practitioner, and teaches healing techniques, meditation, and parapsychology at conferences and lecture halls across the country.  She is also the owner of Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts and is dedicated to teaching basic meditation, inner strength, and personal peace within the family and world communities.

Melissa has been a continual student in spirituality and metaphysics, and received her degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She has lectured, given workshops and private reading/consultations internationally for the past thirty years. She has become a very much sought after presenter, because of her ability to share information with an audience or group.

A recognized expert in beginning meditation, personal development and spiritual growth, Melissa is a visionary, metaphysician, and spiritual educator worth seeking out. An often sought after intuitive consultant, Reverend Melissa Leath has touched the lives of countless souls in and out of flesh and bone. She was kind enough to speak with me by telephone from her home in Springfield, Ohio and would be happy to speak with you as well in an earnest effort to bridge the two worlds of spirit and matter in an ongoing effort to assist others on their path.

For more on Melissa and her work, please do not hesitate to visit the websites linked below. My appreciation goes out to Melissa and her husband Charles for all that they do for the betterment of others and to Melissa for reminding us all that while our imagination at times may simply be the mind at play, it may also lead us to so much more–to a life as only we once dreamed it could be. Let your spirit soar to heights as of yet unknown, to a realm that lies behind the mind’s eye. For it is from our imagination that we first allow our spirit to be all that it wishes or longs to be, all that it is meant to be.



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