Meet Nancy Sikharam

Follow the northern star and you may be blessed to meet Nancy Sikharam, one of the brightest lights of truth and love that I have come to meet and make a connection with.

Nancy is a gifted Certified Medium, Ordained Minister, and Reiki Healer. She received her credentials for Mediumship from Camp Chesterfield in Chesterfield, Indiana. She is connected to the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment) that stores the Edgar Cayce material. Nancy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration and has earned her Reiki Credentials to assist in physical and spiritual healings. She also is a student of Native American Spirituality with a focus on the healing practices of different tribes and tribal leaders. Nancy has knowledge of Native American practices related to spiritual house clearings and blessings and is available by appointment for this service.


  • Spirit Psychic Sessions: Connect with your deceased loved ones, angels, and guides for guidance and direction, if they are present. Read more…
  • Energy Balancing: Remove and clear blocked areas of the body to receive spiritual healing and so that the body is put back into balance. Read more…
  • Intuitive Card Readings: Angel, Past Life, Native American, Life Purpose, Tarot, and Atlantis Cards. Read more…
  • Long Distance Reiki Healings: Healing Services from a distance. Read more…

“Nancy is one of the highest and best spiritual servants that I have had the pleasure of knowing. As a certified medium, ordained minister, and spiritual healer, Nancy comes from a place of integrity, knowledge, wisdom, love, and joy! Whenever you meet and make a connection with Nancy, validations of the eternal spirit and our vital connection to everyone and everything will surely bring about even greater peace, comfort, and everlasting healing.” –Trinda Latherow, Survival Evidence Medium


Nancy Sikharam
Phone: 503-621-2176