Meet Roger Lawrence

In Memory of Roger Lawrence
(d 12/1/2017)

Celebration of Life Gathering:
Crystal Beach, Florida, Dec. 6, 2017. Please contact Terri Cabral for more information.

Meeting Roger Lawrence:

I find it interesting not only with whom I come to meet and make a connection, but especially when. It always seems as if the right person comes along at just the right time or whenever need be. I wonder if they are all part of some greater divine plan, spiritual synchronicity, or just well timed coincidences. Hmm, I wonder, but for now, let me tell you about an acquaintance who helped validate the eternal soul and our divine connections, especially to Jesus his Master Teacher.

2014 Interview:

It was not too long ago that the right time came for me to meet and make a connection with Roger Lawrence, a soft-spoken gentleman whose previous career was as a farrier or specialist in equine hoof care, including the trimming and balancing of horses’ hooves and the placing of shoes. Yet, it wasn’t his love of animals or passion for horses in particular that brought us together. It was instead perhaps our destined meeting at Heaven and Earth, a local spiritual center and store, that led to my soon after interviewing Roger for this blog or for all of you to meet and make a connection with him, and so it gives me great pleasure now to introduce you to Roger Lawrence, psychic-medium and spiritual healer.

Roger has been a practicing medium for greater than 20 years now, but he still seems to be getting used to the idea stating, “Every reading is a learning experience.” His humble explanation of how he came to accept his newfound gifts followed my question of previous careers. After working with horses, Roger apparently found an opportunity to work with the mentally and physically challenged, as well as within prison walls, helping others to heal, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but I’ll let Roger tell you his story in both print and audio clips linked below. They give a much better introduction of the man who answered an even higher calling after nearly every family member of his made their transition home, surely to be of some guidance in his current career as an intuitive spiritual healer.

Roger’s Story:

Let me tell you a little bit about my experiences and myself. As a youth, I was interested in God and spiritual matters and was intuitive, and saw angels and spirits. However, that all faded, as I got a little older and no longer thought about it much. In my teens, I was really, drawn to animals, especially horses and dogs. They were my best friends and I eventually became a horse trainer and farrier, which I did for many years and loved.

Then in 1988, at the age of 29, my life changed. In that year, my sister committed suicide and the same month, my oldest brother was diagnosed with AIDS. In 1991, my mother died and three months later, my father died as well. A year later, my second oldest brother had a severe heart attack and forty days later, my oldest brother died of a heart attack. My whole life as I knew it changed. I no longer wanted to live, but I prayed and was told I had a purpose.

It is to share my experiences, strength, and hope with others, to serve as an instrument for the higher good in this world and to help all who ask. That was the beginning of my own spiritual healing, soul awaking, and spiritual journey. I have been offering readings and spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing for greater than twenty years now, including working with grief, addictions, relationship, and sexual issues.

Roger and I spoke for some time about his life’s purpose now as a medium and healer, and I could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice that this work, this divine mission if you will, was his whole life. All but one brother has left this physical world and so he too must rely on his spiritual support system of angels, guides, teachers, and loved ones. Not only for better understanding his own life experiences, but also those of countless others with whom he is sure to meet and make a connection. For his has made a commitment to God and his family that if this is the work that he is meant to do, then he will do it with his whole heart and soul. Exclaiming whether his gifts are for but one or one million matters not, as it’s simply about reaching out to others, adding softly but surely, “I’m moving into a different willingness of service.”

His goal now is simply to keep doing what he dearly loves doing, helping others to heal through the act of spirit communication or mediumship, and he is most thankful for every opportunity in which to do so. In an open state of receiving, Roger invites a greater power and presence to help every sitter before him, even the most unexpected like me. As it wasn’t long into our conversation when Roger offered a small sampling of his gifts, stating that he was now aware of my own energy, spiritual openness, and healing efforts. That he saw the blue color of the throat chakra as a communicator and the white light of the divine over my crown chakra. That a weight is being lifted off my shoulders and that new doors of opportunity are being opened. All that and more from an unassuming man who just happens to see, hear, feel and know much more than others who have yet to recognize their divine connections.

Roger Lawrence Interview Audio Clips (.mp3):

Evidential Medium
Roger-Lawrence 1

Family in Spirit
Roger-Lawrence 2

The Beginning Years
Roger-Lawrence 3

The Rush of Gallery Style Readings
Roger Lawrence 4

Roger Lawrence 5

Sensing Spirit
Roger Lawrence 6

Roger Lawrence 7

Validations for the Psychic and Sitter
Roger Lawrence 7b

We All Psychic
Roger Lawrence 8

Roger Lawrence 9

Reaching Out
Roger Lawrence 10

Roger Lawrence: “I am a Psychic Evidential Medium and Spiritual Energy Practitioner with over 20 years experience. It is my joy, honor and privilege to stand between the worlds and serve as a messenger to you from your departed loved ones, spirit guides and angels. It is my joy to serve people all over the world in person, phone, Skype, and e-mail. I look forward to connecting with you and your loved ones giving you evidential information and messages so that you can be at peace knowing that your loved ones are safe and our soul and spirit continues even after the change we call death. Blessings to you all, Roger”

Interview 2014; Reposted 12-1-2017