Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day once again and whether she is with you near or far, here or in spirit, you need only call out her name and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day! You need only think of her, thank her, and send her your love.  For the bonds of love we form here stay with us forever more. Our love is never ending. We are never ending. Life is never ending. If you didn’t have the chance to say the words you once wished to say, say them now. Say them loud or say them soft, I promise you her spirit will hear you. Your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, step-mother, mother-in-law, nanny or caregiver is able to hear the words you wish to say – Happy Mother’s Day! She will know of your true heart, mind, and soul. She will know of your love still, for the bonds of love we once formed stay with us forever more. Happy Mother’s Day!

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