One Off Day

Today’s Message: “Don’t let one off day keep you from doing whatever you are truly meant to do.”

It had only been a couple days since the first and hopefully last of failed readings, but somehow I felt different this morning, more confident and self assured. Today would be better, I thought. Today’s reading will go well, because I know the last was just one off day. Understandably so at the time, as my mind was not on others, but my own losses. My daughter and son-in-law had just left the house after nearly a four year stay and I was still sitting in sadness when my last sitter came for divine messages. While a few key thoughts came through loud and clear, I had to apologize and cancel our session after failing to connect with his deceased wife. Yet, today would be better, happier, lighter and more miraculous than ever before. Somehow I knew it to be true and readied with excitement over a new day and another opportunity to connect with the Divine and those in spirit.

My next appointment had confirmed by e-mail, but there was also another e-mail message in my inbox. A “Monday Morning Message” from my dear friend and best-selling author of the Angelspeake book series, Trudy Griswold. It read, “Please believe that you have an important part to play in the Divine plan for earth. Listen to your inner guidance, for you will be led to the right people, circumstances, and events in your life. ~Blessings, Your Angels”

Wow, that was all the validation I needed and yes, my morning session went remarkably well, miraculous even! Names of loved ones, impressions of others, career confirmations, and so much more. Visions of beloved grandmothers, various family members, and all that brought wonderful goose bumps to us both. We sat much longer than our scheduled time, but it was all so healing for her and me that I ignored the clock. There were moments that moved her to tears and at others sigh with peace and happiness so much so that I knew our time together would be uplifting not only to her, but to us all – to her, to me, and to all those in spirit who had led us to meet and make a connection.

Yes, today was a good day, dare I say another miraculous day when I am reminded once again that one off day does not define us. It is the collective of all our days that reminds us we are here in human form to learn and grow from all of our experiences. Good, bad, or indifferent, each is an opportunity to do what we are truly meant, but especially become wiser and more loving to each other. To serve others in the highest and best ways possible. To be kind to self. To be courageous and kind as we walk this earth learning and growing ever deeper in wisdom and love.

Make today a good day. Make it a better one than the last or simply happier and lighter. Don’t let one off day keep you from doing whatever you are truly meant to do. Be who you are truly meant to be or wiser and more loving than ever before. Step into your greatness today and invite the Divine to lead the way in your life. If you do, I promise you, you will feel different. You will feel more confident and self assured and your day will go well, if not even miraculous!

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