People Can Change


Our little girl dog Leelo likes to stay by my side whenever I write. At present, my desk is in a room within our home where she and her big brother also have their pee-pad. I replace them with every use, of course, but they seem to serve a dual role, as I often find Leelo nestled upon a clean pad whenever I am writing. Curled up like a kitten or baby within its blanket, she appears quite comfortable as I lull her to sleep with the soft clicking of keys. It is at our respective spots that we both remain until it is time to stretch or rise once again. While I have tried a number of times to encourage her to sleep on the rug instead, she seems to prefer the pad. I have not yet been able to change her habit, but who knows; maybe one day she will find the change to her benefit.

As the old saying goes, we are all creatures of habit. People too can become stuck in old ways, habits, or routines. For the better or worse, change normally comes about only when forced upon us. Whenever someone or something causes us to act or react, we may come to change or adjust our thinking, speech, or actions. However, for people to change by their own accord or freewill there must be some inspiration or motivation to doing so. There must be the need or desire within us to cause some outward action or reaction. There must be some previous experience, lesson learned, greater wisdom or higher knowledge obtained, which encourages us to change and hopefully for the better.

I can recall the reaction of others whenever I would speak with some authority in my previous career as a safety and health professional. People would tend to change their thoughts, words, or actions rather quickly in order to create a safer and healthier workplace. It is much different in my efforts as a spiritual consultant. While still authentic and caring, my approach to teaching, guiding, and supporting others is now much more suggestive and typically results in a wait and see state. Those I speak with usually take some time to ponder any advice or information given. I may later learn how their life has changed or I may never hear from them again. It is a process, which has taken some getting used to, especially after decades of instilling instant change.

While our beloved animal companions, pets, or even farm animals may never change their ways voluntarily, people may, if they see the benefits to doing so. People may change, if they find some inspiration or motivation to doing so, some previous experience, learned lesson, greater wisdom or higher knowledge, which encourages them to do so. We need only act in authentic and caring ways. At times, react to the freewill of others in a more suggestive manner. Be willing to teach, guide, and support those who wish to ponder any advice or ask for any information. For there is a process in place that allows for our many lessons for the learning and it may take some time before we begin to see results.

Simply know that people can change, if they see the benefits to doing so. If they are inspired, motivated, and encouraged to learn and grow beyond their present state of being or beyond old ways, habits, or routines. If they see change for the better, but then again, that too may take some getting used to. For now, we need only be open to change ourselves. Demonstrate positive changes through right thoughts, words, and deeds. Most of all, we must be patient with one another, as some may simply need to ponder any advice or information given. Some may be used to seeing instant results while others may not yet be ready for change. We are all creatures of habit and typically wish to remain quite comfortable as we are, but at some point in our existence, we may find the need or desire within ourselves to stretch or rise once again and it is then that we are sure to see old ways, habits, or routines change and hopefully for the better.

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