Prayer List

My daily prayer is for you!
For your health, wealth, and true happiness.
For the nourishment of your body.
For the security of your being.
For the assurance of your contentment.

My daily prayer is for you!
For the sick, poor, and saddened.
For the one who knows dis-ease.
For the one that sees only lack.
For the one that feels distressed.

My daily prayer is for you!
For the healthy, rich, and joyful.
For the one who sees his or her perfection.
For the one who lives in gratitude of their abundance.
For the one who lives in peace.

My daily prayer is for you!
For my family and friends here.
For my spiritual family and friends there.
For you and for me.
For all those you wish to add to this prayer list.

If you would like to name someone on this prayer list, please leave a reply with perhaps just their first name and any brief message. Prayers of comfort and healing to each.

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“S” says: For my son who was an answer to my prayer when I asked for the gift of twins. He has gone astray and left our home and is lost and confused and making inappropriate choices, dependent on one girl and drinking, cutting his twin and his mother out of his life. Please pray for him to see the truth in his decisions and actions, the unhealthiness of his relationships which he justifies as good and help him find his way home to heal and remember the honorable, respectful, religious person he started out to be. He has broken our hearts. I need a miracle for him to come back – pray for the truth of where he is staying now to come out so he understands. I also need prayers for second job to come through as single parent have sacrificed everything for them and have not enough to live paycheck to paycheck. Thank you!!

Trinda Latherow says: Dear S- Prayers for greater wisdom and love go out to all. May we be the demonstration by which others see their way to peace, love, and joy. Amen. Thank you for writing. Pray or speak to God and the angels and then remember to meditate or find those quiet moments in which to hear divine messages that assure you of their presence now and forever more. In love and light, Trinda

Trinda Latherow says: In Memory of Joan McGarry (1940-2015) Survived by nine children and eleven grandchildren, Joan was a mother first and foremost, friend to many, and healer to all she met as Hospice Volunteer, Music Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Tachyon Energy Healer and Essential Oils. Loved by countless, forever remembered for the bright light that she remains.

Beverley says: Please pray for me that I find the ideal place to live that is within my budget. I am living in a place that is a nightmare and with people that are drunkards. I want to move to the Wilderness in Western Cape where the people are spiritual and have a great energy. All I want is a beautiful cottage overlooking the sea, peace, harmony and happiness with good wholesome friends to share my space with.

Trinda Latherow says: Dear Beverley: Know that your needs and desires are already known and while it may not seem to be the most ideal place in which to now live, there can still be beauty, peace, harmony, and happiness within you. There may be a reason for your presence there. You may be needed there. Your spiritual energy may be needed to light the way for others out of any darkness or sadness, anger, and fear. Your compassion, wisdom, and love may be needed. In return, you could be gaining much more than you realize. You could be experiencing this brief moment in time for the growth of your eternal soul. You could be evolving or moving into a higher state of being. For now, you need only shine your light and demonstrate the highest and best of virtues. Only then will you find your paradise awaiting, one in which peace comes, harmony comes, and happiness comes. Not from a beautiful seaside cottage, but from all the goodness of your heart, mind, and soul. All the best to you now and forever more. Thank you for writing. You are in our prayers. Trinda

Kathleen says: I would like to pray for my friend Buboy, pls. Pray for him of his painful tummy fir almost 2 days now, he dont know why, please pray for God to touch him and that His healing power is manifest in his body right now.. And please pray for God to take charge of all his ongoing projects and make it all a success in victory in Jesus Mighty name … Amen…Thank u

Trinda Latherow says: Dear Kathleen: Thank you for including your friend on our prayer list. All those who take notice will have him in their thoughts and prayers, but know too that an all-knowing God does as well. There is no worry or fear when we remember our divine connection. In wisdom and love, Trinda

Trinda Latherow says: Prayers of comfort and healing go out to the tornado victims in Oklahoma.

Trinda Latherow says: Prayers of comfort and healing go out to Boston, Mass.

JANIS says: I ask everyone to pray for my friends aunt, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer throughout her body, she’s only 40 years old and is in terrible pain.

Trinda Latherow says: Dear Janis: Prayers of comfort and peace go out to all. Keep only positive, loving thoughts going out to her and her family and her spirit will surely be uplifted. Love, Trinda

Trinda Latherow says: Prayers of comfort and healing go out to Newtown, Conn.

Lixa says: I am praying for a miracle cure for my severe gum recession and for my three back teeth. If this is not God’s will, then at least halt the recession permanently, do not let the gums bleed or thin out, forever stop any more shifting and/or loosening and/or spacing of my teeth, let there be no tooth decay and no recurrence of the gum disease. (I had periodentitis.) As far as the back teeth are concerned, I fervently pray that the worst-case scenario with them is that they require refilling. One of these teeth is almost all filling with just this thin strip of real tooth on the side. I pray that if it is needed, my dentist is able to refill that tooth. I am begging God that I do not lose a single tooth and that my teeth do not get all funny looking and sticking out. I also am begging God it costs me nothing to not that much money in order for me to be able to keep all my teeth. Amen.

Lizzy says: please pray i will finally win my case. i lost my job of thirty years nearly two years ago,and my life has been pretty rough, please pray for a financial miracle for me.thank you, lizzy

Trinda Latherow says: Your needs are known and your prayers are heard. Be open to unexpected blessings, as you not only strive to survive, but also one day thrive. Simply remember, everything is always in motion, situations are but only temporary, and therefore subject to change. Trust that they can be changes for the better.

Minette says: Please send blessings that I may always be a bright light of love & gratitude to all I meet. And to be brave and go where Spirit sends me. Hugs for this wonderful site!!!

Patricia says: please pray that I will begin my new job on friday even if the background check is not perfect. I need this work and thank jesus for helping me nail the interview to get it, but the offer may leave if my check does not come back good, please help!

Trinda Latherow says: Dear Patricia: Simply do your best in life and no matter the outcome of events, you will be able to move forward in peace. In love and light, Trinda

Leslie says: I pray for my dear mother who never feels well, may God bless her and give her comfort. Leslie

Loretta Madelmayer says: For my dad going through radiation treatments and for the continued good health and safety of my children.

Trinda Latherow says: Prayers of healing and peace, Loretta. May the light of love and wisdom comfort you and your family.

Janet Keller says: Forwarded request in an original e-mail to Abby Maxwell from Don and Judy: 3rd Battalion Marines, nicknamed Darkhorse, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California.


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  1. Trinda Latherow says:

    Prayers of comfort go out to the victims, families, and community of Las Vegas.

  2. Trinda Latherow says:

    Prayers of comfort and healing go out to all those affected by recent hurricanes and natural disasters in Texas and Florida.

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