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An Evening with Spirit! This New Year of hopes and dreams, consider an An Evening with Spirit presented by survival evidence medium Trinda Latherow for your private party, meetup, or special event. At a place of business or in the comfort of your own home, An Evening with Spirit promises to be the best of gatherings, as we come together to help validate the eternal soul and our divine connections.

Plan your private party around the central theme of not only celebrating our hopes and dreams for the New Year, but also in validating the eternal soul and our divine connections – to God and the angels, to our spirit guides, teachers, friends, family and loved ones gone but not forgotten.

Let the bonds of love we formed in life bring us together once again to help celebrate the coming months and those divine connections that are of both wisdom and love. Celebrate the greatness within that connects each of us to a greater power and presence that is all-knowing, all-powerful, and always present. One that connects you and I to all those with whom we have formed eternal bonds of love. Make the conscious connection to allow love to be our guiding force this new year and beyond in An Evening with Spirit!

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What: An Evening with Spirit presented by Survival Evidence Medium Trinda Latherow
(Divine Messages, Meet and Greet, Book Signings, Questions/Answers, Classes, Spiritually Speaking, Demonstrations, e.g., Miraculous Stories to Comfort, Uplift, and Inspire!)

When: Schedule a day and time when you and your guests have about an hour or more to come together in truth, love, and joy!

Where: Meeting in homes, offices, clubs, fellowship halls, or wherever there is the desire to connect. Trinda travels from the greater Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Costs: With respect to various budgets, fees are contingent upon services, location, and related courtesies (book sales, e.g., travel expenses).  Typically, host complimentary. Please contact to schedule a day and time for your upcoming holiday party or see the links below for more information.

Individual and Group Readings:


Whenever you have the desire for a private session, intimate group gathering, or larger gallery style event, please know that Trinda would welcome the opportunity to be of service. Available in-person by appointment only within Tarpon Springs and the greater Tampa Bay area of Florida or whenever traveling to your location. Contact for More Information

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