Psychic Drawings

I wish you could be with me whenever we make the connection to the Divine or to our spiritual support system of God and the angels, master teachers and guides, but especially our friends, family and loved ones in spirit. It is a truly miraculous time, a healing time, a joyful time. A time when both the sitter or person receiving divine messages and I both remember that we are connected to a greater power and presence. For we are in truth that of a divine mind in a sacred body with an eternal soul. We have a divine ancestry and are inherently gifted or blessed beyond belief, but more importantly, we are loved unconditionally. We are known and loved by the Creator of all, Source of all, or One of all. You may come to discover all this and much more in our time together, but for now, please see those sample psychic drawings that are but mere reminders of our divine connections and a greater power and presence to which all glory goes.

Sample Psychic Drawings:

Validating the Eternal Soul and Our Divine Connections

Survival Evidence Medium Trinda Latherow

“In my own connection with the Divine through automatic speaking and dictation or psychic writing and drawing, words and images or messages of wisdom, knowledge, truth, love and joy can come through for the one who is ready, willing, and able to receive. For the one who simply asks, believes, receives, and gives thanks for divine messages. It is a blessing and privilege to serve others in this way with invisible, but surely divine hands leading the way.” ~Trinda Latherow


Trinda Latherow
Survival Evidence Medium
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Please leave your name, number, and inquiry (reading, consultation, interview, e.g., speaker) for a return call and thank you for making the connection.

Whenever you have the desire for a private reading, intimate group gathering, or perhaps even a larger gallery style event, please know that Trinda would welcome the opportunity to be of service. Available in-person within Tarpon Springs and the greater Tampa Bay area of Florida or whenever traveling to your location.

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Drawings

  1. Zaria says:

    Hello Trinda, Psychic drawings are the manifestation of our connection with the Divine. I teach my clients to embrace their creativity, as they do not need to judge themselves for not being able to draw perfectly. It is about getting the message from the Spirit and everything else will follow beautifully. You are really blessed my dear Trinda! It is such a pleasure connecting with you today! Zaria, Past Life Regression Chicago

    • Trinda Latherow says:

      Thank you Zaria for commenting and your kind words. All the best to you and everyone at Past Life Regression, Chicago.

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