Ripen Fruit

“Did you know that if you have an unripe avocado, banana or cantaloupe, you can place it in a paper bag with some apples? The ethylene gas the apples produce will encourage the fruits to ripen, but that won’t work with a seedless grape. To get perfect seedless grapes, pick ones that are soft, sweet, and plump right from the vine.”

Plucking the pinkest of muscadine grapes from our backyard vines led way to remember that for the sweetest of tastes to linger the longest, one must choose ripen fruit. No other will bring you the satisfaction that you desire. Too soon and bitterness may follow. Too late and all may be spoiled.

As in the harvesting of our natural abundance, timing in all things is important. Be patient. Look for that which is ready or ripe for the picking. Select all that you desire, but remember the best of earthly stewards tend their gardens for the betterment of all – for Mother Nature and for others, as well as for self.

May all your efforts yield the sweetest of rewards.

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