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One title, four volumes, and countless stories that tell of both the mysterious and miraculous aspects to our world and us. An epic adventure for the soul.

Volume 1-Psychic Phenomena  Recognizing the once unseen world around us.
Volume 2-Our Reality An inquisitive look at our perception of reality and a destiny by divine design.
Volume 3-The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond The reality of an afterlife is what we can if only first believe and perceive of it to be.
Volume 4-Spirituality and Faith At the center of everything we think, say, and do is our spirituality and faith.

I invite you to join me in the adventure of a lifetime, a spiritual quest for the truths to our existence as I ask, “Who are we and where did we come from, but more importantly, why are we here?” Along the way, we will meet people worldwide who each hold essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence. Discover an unseen world around us, as we delve deeper than ever before into psychic phenomena and spirit communication, our reality and how to create a better life, the promise of an afterlife and what that might be like, and what it truly means to be a more spiritually minded human being. Find the answers you seek for even greater peace, love, and joy in our walk together along a path of mysteries and miracles alike in Pieces of the Puzzle. ~Trinda Latherow

Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4
By Trinda Latherow
Print and Digital Formats, Available on
Print $13.95; e-Books Only $3.99/each
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A GREATER YOU: Living a Connected Life
Author’s Unconditional Gift No. 11 on 

A Greater You: Living a Connected Life is a collection of stories and inspirational writings recognizing our vital connections to self, others, and a greater power and presence. Discover an even greater you by living a more mindful or connected life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Nurture and maintain the body sacred. Develop a divine mind. Listen from the heart. Meet your higher self or true spirit within. Make a connection with others like never before. Form a real and practical relationship with your spiritual support system or divine connections. Come into a deeper sense of personal peace by first recognizing the true nature of your being, connection to everyone and everything, and a greater power and presence within. A greater you is indeed possible, if you but first connect to all that assures you of your true self, the real heart and soul of others, and your divine ancestry. Simply make those all-important connections that lead to living your best life yet! Future editions may include additional stories. For more on A Greater You: Living a Connected Life, click here.

A GREATER YOU: Living a Connected Life
By Trinda Latherow
Paperback, 94 Pages, $7.99, Buy the Book
FREE e-Book, Available on

Letters from Dad
Author’s Unconditional Gift

Letters from Dad joyfully illustrates that the bond of love between a father and child cannot be broken by distance alone. Letters from Dad is a book for fathers and all those who want to make a real and lasting connection with children by discovering how one father working far from home was able to touch the heart and mind of his beloved children, even the littlest one who was just two years old. Letters from Dad is especially for those who travel or live apart from their children and want them to know that neither time nor distance is a barrier between them. Take a few precious moments to read Letters from Dad to your child, for it will surely form a more loving and lasting bond. For more on Letters from Dad, click here.

Letters from Dad
By Trinda Latherow
Illustrations by Harry Latherow
Paperback, Full Color, 55 Pages, $9.99, Buy the Book
FREE e-Book, Available on

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