Reader Comments

“What an informative story you have in Pieces of the Puzzle. I enjoyed it very much and believe your book will find a readership. Bravo! Your readers will be able to identify with your commonsense approach to this difficult and sometimes mysterious subject matter. You handled it well.” ~S.V., Editor

“You are a skilled writer and the subject is fascinating.” ~S.L.C., Literary Agent

“Fabulous! It’s really good, Trinda, I can’t put it down. You’re such a good writer. I gave one to my Mom, too. I like how it can apply to anyone reading it.” ~Jen

“Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how much I am enjoying your book. Trusting everything I’m reading is true – makes it so powerful for me. I’ve always been a hopeful believer having had a few moments myself that went beyond coincidence. This life would be nothing if there wasn’t M-O-R-E. Thank you for sharing your moments and making HOPEFUL feel more like REAL. Now I can look to the heavens and smile in belief. Sincere thanks and best of good wishes with your books. They’ll be great successes!” ~Camille

“Thank you again for all you have done for mediumship and the connections to spirit.” ~Blessings, Barbara

“My children loved your book, and the fact that my picture was on the cover.” ~Gretchen

“Trinda, The book arrived special delivery on Sunday. I started reading it, and can’t put it down. It is really fascinating. I am enjoying how you came to know about Spirit. Harriett, God bless her! I look forward to the next volumes. Keep up the good work. Your book will touch a lot of people. Well, take care and keep in touch.” ~Todd

“I think you did a wonderful job with your book and I was very happy with the outcome of your section on Sandy. It’s nice to find a writer who captures the true passion and knowledge of the person they are interviewing and you have done that…loved the book…not just the section on Sandy (although that was my favorite), but the entire book ‘feels good’ and I know you know what I mean by that.” ~In light, Lisa

“The recipients of “Pieces of the Puzzle” were Linda, Janet, Ann, Loni, Tina, and Sharon. They were all thrilled and looking forward to reading it.” ~Theresa

“Trinda, First off, let me begin by telling you that I thoroughly enjoyed your book. Well done! Thanks again, Trinda, for your wonderful book.” ~Elizabeth

“Hi Trinda! I met you at the Parapsychology Expo. I have only a few pages of your book left to read. I really have enjoyed reading it very much and am looking forward to reading the others that you are working on. Keep me posted, if you have such a list or I will keep checking your website. Take care. Many blessings.” ~Nancie

“I finished the book early last week. I think you did an amazing job and am happy to know you. You are soon to be in a position with a huge influence.” ~Respectfully, Aaron

“Trinda, I’m writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your Volume 1.” ~Love, blessings, and light to you, Sharon

“Volume 1 is very good Trinda. Completed volume 2 last night. Very good!!” ~Tony

“You are a wonderful writer Trinda.” ~Patti

“You’re such a good writer.” ~J.E.

“You write well.” ~D.C.

“I am enjoying how you came to know about Spirit. I look forward to the books. Keep up the good work. Your books will touch a lot of people.” ~T.J.L.

“Trinda, I just downloaded it and read the first 70 pages (A Greater You). It is awesome. Great job! I can’t wait to read the rest.” ~J.M.

“Namaste, my sister Trinda. I wish you great success in publishing such an inspiring work (Letters from Dad). In our digital world we seldom take time to share with our children the creative nature within. In Lak’ech (life), my sister Trinda, love is all there is…” ~C.D.S.

“I have just visited the Trove of Treasures that is your home on the web. You are an impressive person whose life and work are to be admired and respected. I enjoyed learning about you as doing so enriches and enlightens. Thank you for sharing the gift that you are. Know that you have touched more people than you realize. I wish you a divinely crafted life of enchantment where all your dreams come true. May you walk a path where joy is multiplied and may yours be a journey of spiritual bliss and eternal love where every moment is an angelic experience.” ~Yours in Revelations and Insight, Micheal Teal, The Ancient One

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