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AGY-coupleA Greater You: Living a Connected Life

An even greater you awaits your discovery with the desire to learn and grow beyond your present state of being. An even greater you comes from a newfound sense of peace, wonder, and joy! An even greater you is possible by first recognizing your vital connections to your higher self or true spirit within, to others in right and meaningful ways, and to a greater power and presence. Step into your greatness today for an even brighter tomorrow.

winged-angelAngels and Spirit Guides: Meeting and Connecting with Them

Meeting and connecting with angels and spirit guides is not only possible while living in this world, but also vital to living our best life or one that is happier, healthier, and truly wealthier. We cannot be all that we hope to be in this life without the help, guidance, and support of those in the spirit world. You may be thinking, yes, that would be wonderful, but unsure as to how to make such a connection or perhaps even doubtful that there really are those with whom to actually connect. Learn how to meet and connect with your spiritual support system of angels, guides, and loved ones in real and practical ways. Your divine connections simply await your recognition of them.

man-sadGrief, Bereavement, and Healing

There are no set stages that one goes through with the loss of a friend or loved one. While some reactions such as shock, sadness, and anger are common among us, they are as individual as we are. Each experience is unlike another, because we each come from a different experience and perspective. Yet, healing IS possible. Learn how to move if only a little more easily through grief and bereavement and into peace, healing, and living life to its fullest with this most loving and sensitive of classes. Join us in memory of loved ones never forgotten.

busy-peopleRecognizing the Once Unseen World Around Us

Take the next step along your spiritual path to learn more about our world and us or this shared reality. We already know that there is much more to our existence than what meets the eyes. We know it from all of our experiences, both subjective and objective. When we fly to far off places, we know if they are fanciful flights or something else. When we see our departed loved ones, we know if they are alive through desire alone or something else. We come to know that something else to be outside of our physical reality. Spirit communication, astral or time travel, and multiple dimensions may appear to be fantasies to some, but we can begin to look at all the possibilities together in this most curious of classes, Recognizing the Once Unseen World Around Us.

photo credit: MSN.comCreating Your Reality: Being a Co-Creator of Your Life

Sure to be most advantageous, this class offers each the ability to recognize the greatness within, that we are so much more than just flesh and bone. For within each lies the ability to be who it is that we are truly meant to be or happier, healthier, and wealthier. Learn how to create a reality that is closer to your dreams, one filled with better choices and fewer regrets. A vision only imagined from a higher awareness or greater perspective of our world and us. Create a reality as if you might only first believe and perceive of it to be by remembering your inherent gifts and infinite creativity. More than merely manifesting, this class is about creating a new and greater lifestyle.

school-girlDiscovering Your Life’s Purpose: At Any Age

Discovering your life’s purpose and becoming who you are truly meant to be has never been easier than it is today. Yes, really, and while many around you may claim just the opposite, especially those who have surrendered to some lack or loss, or worse yet, a position in which one is fearful of losing, YOU may come to find your life’s purpose from within this live class. You may find those reminders or memories that speak of the truth within you. You may find those examples, tools, and practices that allow you to rise into a position of knowing rather than merely wondering who you are and why you are here. Your life purpose has never been easier to recognize than it is now. You need only be willing to discover what it is.

stone-path-waySpiritual Practices: Walking a Spiritual Path

All the spiritual inspiration you will ever receive is of limited good if you never practice your spirituality or never come to incorporate spiritual principles into your everyday life. You may be asking, “What exactly are these spiritual practices? What real and practical steps can I take to live as a more spiritual, peaceful, and fulfilled human being? What can I do to become happier, healthier, and truly wealthier?” Each of us can do much, but prayer and meditation are only two of the many ways in which we might come to walk a more spiritual path. Join us to learn of those spiritual practices that help each to live their best life yet!

self-and-othersHolding onto Faith: In Self, Others, and the One of All

You don’t have to be a member of a Christian Church to follow Christ. You don’t have to follow Buddhism to learn from the Buddha. You don’t have to learn the Quran to know of Mohammad. You don’t have to know of the Hindu God Brahma to praise the god of creation. You don’t have to recognize any doctrine, discipline, declaration of faith, or deity to follow the teachings of love, learn the effects of karma, know the purpose to life or thank a greater power or presence. All you have to do is hold onto faith in self, others, and the One of all. Come together for the many benefits to holding onto faith in this non-denominational class.

AfterlifeThe Afterlife and Infinite Beyond

Ever wonder what the afterlife is actually like? Is there is a heaven or paradise as promised or is there is nothing at all? Is the other side even more real than this world and if so, does it have any boundaries or is it an infinite beyond? Can we learn the answers to these questions and more while living in this world? What lies beyond our reality or that which awaits us after physical death is a reality as only we can first believe and perceive of it to be. For beyond this existence lies another realm or level above this, a middle ground between the shadow of man and light of our Creator. Somewhere deep within us we know this to be true, but it is the mystery of it all that calls us to explore the possibilities of an afterlife and infinite beyond.

Om Mani Padme Hum MantraFinding Personal Peace

If you had but one question of self or life, what would it be? What is most pressing upon your heart? What answer or truth would set your spirit free or bring about some sense of personal peace? Finding personal peace or living in peace requires the efforts of but only one person – you! Before you can be all that you are truly meant to be, you must focus on finding personal peace through many more methods than merely a meditation class. Discover what they are in this most critical class, Finding Personal Peace.

How to Live Your Best Life Yet!

How we can change our life for the better is dependent upon a great many things, but before we can even begin to identify those things that can be most helpful to us, we must first be willing to let go of the old or obsolete. Let go of old thinking or old habits that keep us from living our best life. Embrace new thoughts and new experiences. See our life and the endless possibilities to it from a new and brighter perspective. Create a new reality for ourselves, a reality that assures us of both our abundance and true happiness. To live a better life, you need only address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to your being in this most comprehensive of all classes, How to Live Your Best Life Yet!

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