Stress Triggers to Health

red-stressSurprising Ways Stress Wreaks Havoc On Your Health

If you’re looking for a reason to add de-stressing time into your day (exercise, meditation, regular massages), these five health concerns should provide plenty of motivation. 

Stress may change your brain in ways that make you more susceptible to depression and addiction, according to research from Yale University.
It throws off your gut bacteria. Stress is also believed to affect the barrier function of the intestinal wall.
It triggers inflammation throughout your body.
It lowers sperm count.
It makes you want junk food — lots of it. Stress amplifies brain activation in areas responsible for motivation and reward in response to tasty treats.

When we know the causes or symptoms of stress and its resultant affects, we can better manage our health and well-being. We can begin to live as we are meant or without all of the associated ailments, illnesses, or diseases. We can begin to know what life is like with out those physical limitations or health challenges that come from too much stress.

I pray you find helpful ways to manage stress, be it exercise, meditation, and/or diet. That you recognize the causes and symptoms of stress. That you come to more easily manage or better yet, eliminate any excess stress. Feel and be the best you can be without the affects of stress. Live a better life by first knowing the various ways stress messes with your health and well-being.

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