Unspoken Guarantee

My mind was swirling with a number of thoughts and images, but which would hold true for my morning guest was as of yet unknown. He arrived early, but I thought I was ready. My son-in-law had just left the house only a few hours earlier for a new job out of state and his wife, our beloved daughter, just the week before for college abroad. Empty nesters once again after nearly four years together, there had been time to ready if only briefly before his knock upon the door. Still with emotions unsettled, I began our session with a prayer and then my first impression of the stranger before me.

“I get that you are a no nonsense kinda’ guy.” He smiled in agreement, so I continued, but little afterward seem to resonate with him. Longing to hear from his deceased wife, everything I said seemed irrelevant, wrong, or inaccurate. No’s became invisible bricks to the wall building between us. “Yes, that’s true,” came too few within the longest of readings until finally, I simply gave up. “I’m sorry, but I’m just not getting anything of your wife.” For the first time, I felt I had failed a client. With an unspoken guarantee, I handed him his money back and apologized. I knew he so wanted to hear from her that nothing else would do and honestly, I felt just as disappointed. No images or words would come that could help heal either him or me so we said our good-byes and he left after a friendly hug.

There are moments in life when things seem a little over whelming and nothing seems to go right, but I promise you this, “We are eternal souls having a human experience and the bonds of love we form here with others go with us whenever we return to our true home.” It is an unspoken guarantee that comes not from faith alone, but from all of my experiences and countless divine messages that I have been blessed to give others over the years. Messages that come not from me, but through me from our spiritual support system of God and the angels, our master teachers and guides, friends, family and loved ones gone but not forgotten.

While I could continue to sit in sadness over this one moment in time, I am comforted by all those that have gone well, if not better than I could ever imagine. Moments when a client said yes to every single word or was simply thrilled with every drawing or sketch that validated that someone dear to their heart was near them still. My only prayer is that the gentleman I met will come to know, if only from the few words that rang of truth, of an even greater power and presence – one that knows of us, loves us, supports us, and comforts us whenever we remember who we really are  – eternal souls having a human experience and that the bonds of love we form with others here go with us whenever we return to our true home.

I pray you too know of your spiritual support system of God and the angels, our master teachers and guides, friends, family and loved ones gone but not forgotten. That you know of their presence still, as well as their love and support. That it comforts you to know, if you do not already, that we unconditionally loved and continue to live on in an afterlife and infinite beyond.

“Beyond this existence lies the unknown, an unseen world or reality known to us as the afterlife. It is another realm or level above this one, a middle ground between the shadow of man and light of our Creator. From somewhere deep within us, we know it exists, but what that existence may be like was reason enough for writing Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 3 – The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond.” Read More…

Volume 3—The Afterlife and  Infinite Beyond
by Trinda Latherow

The reality of an afterlife is what we can if only first believe and perceive of it to be.

Serious thinkers realize that as human beings, we only have pieces of the puzzle to our existence, but as spiritual beings, we have an inner knowing that life is continuous and that the spirit of man lives on in an afterlife and infinite beyond.

Book Website:  Pieces of the Puzzle.net

Trinda Latherow
Survival Evidence Medium

As a survival evidence medium, Trinda knows that your desire to connect with certain loved ones in spirit can be foremost on your mind, but also asks that you come with an open mind and an open heart. That you welcome whatever rings of truth for you, whether expected or not. So much of what can come through simply begins with an openness to all that validates the eternal soul and our divine connections. A loved one may come through, a friend from the past, or those moments in life that assure you of a greater power and presence. Yet, whatever comes, it comes to simply assure you of divine wisdom and eternal love above all else.   Learn more…