Validations from Spirit

The appointment was by her request, but I knew there would be much more to our meeting and making a connection than just the talk of books. She wanted to pen her memoirs, share something of her extraordinary life experiences and greater understandings of them. She wanted to write, because by all accounts her loved ones in Spirit were suggesting she do so and soon. She had called for advice on how to begin the seemingly daunting task of writing and publishing years of collective material.

Procrastination had delayed, but not completed halted the haunting of multiple volumes. “Twelve,” I told her. I see at least twelve upon the shelf.” She shook her head in disbelief, “Oh, my, I knew it would be a lot, but twelve?” With a nod, I smiled back and simply suggested that she take it one story at a time, one experience, one volume, or one step at a time. “It will all come together, but there is a progression of wisdom and healing that must come in its own time and way.” Her eyes lit up, “Yes, I feel that as well. Thanks for the validation.”

Speaking to another psychic-medium is always fun for me, because I am often able to receive those all-important validations from someone who is accustomed to tuning in to one’s higher self, an inner voice of wisdom and love, or Holy Spirit. Remember, Spirit will never tell us what to do, but suggestions from loved ones, oh yea! After all, we are who we are in spirit as we were here, except a whole lot better or wiser and more loving. We can still have our personality in the hereafter and I don’t know about you, but I have a few over there who are just as they were here. My own family members are still trying to help me, guide me, and send me wise and loving thoughts. Those in Spirit know us well, let me assure you of that without any doubt. Our teachers, guides, and loved ones know who we are and what we are capable of, but more importantly what is in our highest and best interest. So it was no surprise to learn of those who helped us both to finally meet and connect. Mothers and grandmothers were present and I knew then that I would give her their messages of both wisdom and love.

“Before we talk about making your books a reality, may I give you a few names and some messages?” She was, of course, delighted. “I got some strong impressions this morning.” With a quick grab of her pad and pen she said, “Yes, of course, but wait, let me take notes. It’s the writer in me.” That I could more easily grasp rather than what would follow. Her validation to names of two women in spirit, then a man of some importance, and messages of family and more. Next, “I saw a dog as well, a long haired dog with a person’s name that starts with a R.” With a pause came, “Oh, yes, our dog Robby.” More impressions and finally a word or two of hope for the one still seeking the help, guidance, and support of teachers, guides, and loved ones in spirit. With every yes or validation of those visions and wisdom words that came, I tingled with pure joy. “Yes!” I could hardly contain my own joy and it was all from simply wanting to be of some help to another. For it is in service that we truly shine.

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” [John 14:12]

We spoke of all that and much more before our time together ended. We had shared something of our lives, enjoyed a wonderful lunch, and became newfound friends. She even gifted me with a few impressions of her own. Unexpected that they were, they simply reminded me of our amazing connection to everyone and everything, but especially to God and the angels, the Arm-in-Armsource of all wisdom and love.

The messages we had given one another had come from the higher realms of wisdom and love, from that of our higher selves, others or our teachers, guides, and loved ones in spirit, that of a greater power and presence or Spirit. A wise and loving spiritual support system that knows us well and what we are truly capable of, but more importantly what is in our highest and best interest. Arm in arm, we practically floated out the door of the restaurant speaking about all the validations from Spirit.

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Originally Posted September 14, 2015