Here are my newest zStore items… More Than Words for the poet or scribe in each. Dolphin slip-ons for the boat, beach, and beyond. Wolf slip-ons for any journey. Pink posies for feminine love and all that is uplifting in nature. Mother Mary’s impression upon even the things of this world and last but not least, my mermaid “Under the Sea,” how beautiful is she. Enjoy and I hope to bring you even more from my zstore at zShop_Trinda_Latherow.

Shop Trinda Latherow

These are a few of my favorite new items at my zStore or Zazzle.com/Shop_Trinda_Latherow. I hope you enjoy these and the hundreds of other items with original finger paintings, watercolors, oils, photographs and more that are meant to comfort, uplift and inspire the very soul of you. May each remind you of the beauty of our world and us, if not something of your own inherent gifts and infinite creativity.

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