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"Welcome and thank you for meeting and making a connection." ~Trinda Latherow


Welcome to the official website for Trinda Latherow, author, speaker, and consultant, as well as the founder of Meet and Make a Connection, an inspirational mind, body, spirit blog.

Dear Friends:

I was a lover of words long before I knew it. I played with letters and words, writing years before learning how to even form sentences. My passion was born with me and as early as the age of two, my mother would often find me writing on anything possible. From once the use of her favorite red lipstick to crayons, pencils, and pens, writing it seemed would be part of my destiny.

Eventually, I found the quickness of computer keystrokes to be much more desirable. I do little hand writing these days, as it never feels I can go quick enough with a pad and pen. Yet, I love to write however possible and the only challenge today is to write well enough to touch the hearts, minds, and souls of others. For what good are words, if they do not help another in some way, uplift or inspire them, if not encourage them along their life’s journey. I will continue to try to use my gift for the betterment of others, else why be a writer at all.

Hello, my name is Trinda Latherow and I am an author, speaker, and consultant, as well as the founder of Meet and Make a Connection, an inspirational mind, body, spirit blog that offers original articles, featured guests, podcasts, videos, images, poems, recipes, and much more. Its purpose being simply to be of help to each in their overall quest for even greater happiness, health, and true wealth.

I hope you enjoy browsing the pages and links within both this website and my blog Meet and Make a Connection, in many ways an online extension of my first book Pieces of the Puzzle, one title to four volumes that came about from interviewing over a hundred individuals in a quest for the truths to our existence. As I continued to meet and make a connection with others, I began to feature them on the blog. From renowned psychics to doctors, scientists, authors, artists, and gifted laypeople worldwide, be sure to visit the many guest pages to meet and make a connection. The blog also provides visitors with book and film recommendations, as well as the chance to leave comments or questions.

Know too that the blog is a non-denominational forum where we might address not only the mysterious and miraculous aspects to our being, but especially how to live our best life yet by first making the mind, body, spirit connection. It's a place of exploration in which to discover more about self and life, birth and death, and so much more. A place to safely meet and connect with others both near and far, for we learn and grow the most when once we meet and make a connection.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Please reach out to connect should you have any comments, questions, or requests. Until then, you are invited to make and favorite links in order to visit again for more news and updates.

All the best,

Trinda Latherow
Author | Speaker | Consultant
Founder of Meet and Make a Connection


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